Wednesday, October 23

WoW Classic:(Warlock) Have more than one enslaved demon at a time

Today I was farming Felcloth at Jadefire area in Felwood. I enslaved one of the Hellfire casters. 

I was killing one of the Jadefire Trickster mobs when it used its mind control, which only lasts a few seconds.

I noticed once I was out of the MC, that the spellbar for my enslaved demon was gone, I couldn't control it. 

It would however still engage whatever I was fighting. I enslaved a new Hellfire caster mob, and to my surprise the other one was still enslaved. 

I was able to run around for the next few mins with two functional demons. I didn't test it further, but I'm guessing it might even be possible to have even more enslaved demons this way.

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