Tuesday, November 19

WOW Classic: Infinite 100% afk friendly weapon skill

Here is a smart trick:

  1. Clear Dire Maul Tribute upto the last boss. Do not engage
  2. Walk up the ledge up to the spirits.
  3. Auto attack a spirit freely with any weapon. You will be locked in combat, but weapons can be swapped in combat.
I chose a spirit a bit further up the ledge for safety. As long as you dont aggro the boss you are good.

Some tips to get fast skillups can be swapping into full hit gear, get int buff and only use as fast weapons as possible. (DPS doesnt matter)

Bring all the weapons you want in one go and just swap out when desired skill is reached.

You will get AFK flagged as normally, so i think you will be automatically DC'ed after sometime, but im not 100% sure yet. Current max time tested is 20 min.

Kill boss when you are done if you want to.

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