Wednesday, December 11

WoW Classic Exploits: Runeblade of Rivendare OP healing snapshotting

The Runeblade of Rivendare is a sword that heals for for +20 HP5 and gives bonus movespeed, currently the snapshotting mechanic on the Runeblade of Rivendare is not working as snapshotting should.

How it is supposed to work is pull your +healing stat every time its going to heal and heal you for that amount +20, and a bit of negligible movespeed too.

How it currently works is upon equipping the sword it snapshots your +healing stat and never refreshes until you take off/re-equip the sword.

Heres how the bug works:

  1. Stack +Healing gear, as much as you can. My hunter managed to get up to a little under 500 with boes and some dungeon pieces like Briarwood reed.
  2. Equip the sword
  3. Equip your regular gear (leave the sword on)
  4. Every 5 seconds heal for that amount, in my case 490.

This is absolutely nuts in PVP as I have near full damage from my ranged weapon while also healing 500 per 5 seconds. To give some insight, this is over 5x more HP5 than a raid geared warlock receives from saccing their void walker. Good luck farming the sword and hopefully it doesn't get fixed before you can abuse this ^^.
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