Thursday, December 19

Do Firelands raid in 5 minutes, skip all bosses except Alysrazor/Ragnaros(mount!)

Please note/warning: This might be an exploit, this might be intended, not sure. This might jeopardize your account!!!

So I discovered it's possible to do the Firelands raid, on public servers, in just under 5 minutes by skipping all bosses except Alysrazor/Ragnaros.
You need a level 110 or 120 character, with a fall damage spell/toy/object, to do this. I tested this with a paladin having Divine Shield, blocked the fall damage.
Each week you have only one shot in succeeding doing this, boss can only be killed once...

  1. Go straight to Alysrazor. When the fight starts, down her for some %. Then pickup the feathers and quickly kill her off
  2. By picking up the feathers you get a flight buff. This buff remains after killing Alysrazor.
  3. Fly towards the bridge, and over it. In the movie watch the path you should take to not bump into the invisible mapsections. Also make sure to gain height.
  4. You can (barely) pass the bridge and you will fall down on the edge when the buff ends.
  5. Go straight to Ragnaros, Staghelm will not be there

Video with proof (checked multiple times):


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