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Calculate The Cost of Crafting Consumables

Here is a spreadsheet showing how much consumables cost based on the value of their materials. These values need to be updated by the user.
NOTE: I've got notifications from users who want access to edit the sheet, as stated below you will have to download your own version. Requests to edit the sheet will not be accepted.

This spreadsheet does not contain every single potion, flask or elixir etc, but those who are worth noting for the upcoming BWL release. If you notice something missing that should be included in this sheet, let me know!

Here is a link to the spreadsheet: ConsumablesOC

The spreadsheet contains seven sheets:
  1. Materials - this is where you update the AH prices for materials needed to craft the consumables
  2. Elixirs - crafting prices of elixirs
  3. Potions - crafting prices of potions
  4. Flasks - crafting prices of flasks
  5. Food buffs - crafting prices of food
  6. Blasted Lands consumables - total price for materials from AH
  7. Weapon buffs - crafting prices for weapon buffs

To edit the spreadsheet you will have to download your own copy, hit "FIle" -> "Download" etc.

Note that the gold/silver/copper values shown in the seven latter sheets do not need updating, only the first sheet with costs of the herbs etc.

Here's a screenshot of how one of the pages looks like:

Let me know if you have any suggestions/comments, of if you find any wrong formulas etc.

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