Wednesday, May 13

World of Warcraft Transmogrification: somebody once told me

Hilarious mog. Wish they did another pass on shoulder armor location on all their races. Too many floaty shoulders for 2020!

item list:
  • head - field plate helmet
  • shoulders - alabaster plate pauldrons
  • cloak - hidden
  • chest - hidden
  • shirt - gilnean adventurer's shirt
  • tabard - hidden
  • bracers - hidden
  • gloves - alabaster plate gauntlets
  • belt - hidden
  • legs - redridge legguards
  • feet - stone stompers
  • weapon - well-used greatsword

I think replacing the shirt with the Sharkskin Tunic, replacing the boots with Noble's Fancy Boots, and getting a Everstill Breastplate in the chest slot too.

And of course, if we lived in a perfect world where we could mog Common Quality stuff, an Initiate's Vest in the chest slot would be the best fit.

Otherwise, I love it. Def get that Donkey Mount and hang out in Dustwallow.

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