Tuesday, June 30

10 Best Sex Parody Games to beat the COVID-19 lockdown blues

The Covid-19 lockdown is still in full effect and things are getting boring. It’s not the easiest thing to just sit around all day with nowhere to go. The current outlook is that the lockdown is going to be lasting for a whole lot longer, as well. It’s still going to be a good amount of time before it’s all over. That means we all still need something to keep us occupied and get us through it. That’s where sex parody games come in. Here are 10 of the best ones to keep you surviving through the seemingly unending quarantine.


If you love to stick blocks into holes, then Sextris is for you. The blocks are replaced with naked people and they all have the usual equipment. If you can match them up in just the right way, you can watch them have a quickie before they disappear from the board.

Busty Raider

Tomb Raider was originally known for her giant boobs. Unfortunately, the later versions of the game gave her reductions that some of us still can’t get over. It’s a good thing that these developers have given her back her massive tits and always lets her play with them for you.

Ass Effect

Mass Effect already had plenty of sex in it, but you couldn’t see it. Ass Effect fixes that. You can bang any species that you want and you never have to stop. There’s no sense in saving the galaxy when you can just get laid instead.

Final Fellatio

The characters from Final Fantasy have impressive back stories and even better models. That’s why seeing them in Final Fellatio is so much fun. When Rikku wants to make her boyfriend jealous, there’s no better way than to give her own brother a blowjob he’ll never forget.

Biocock Intimate

One of the best parodies that you can find is Biocock. This takes the world of Bioshock and covers it in semen. The graphics are amazing and the sex is as sloppy as it can possibly get. It’s one that you don’t want to pass up at all.


Don’t waste your time collecting Pokemon outside. You can spend all of your time making them have sex at home. Pussymon lets you finally live out your fantasies of collecting sluts and having sex with them whenever you want. Increase their skills to make them the best fuckers around.

World of Whorecraft

For an expansive game with a massive world, you can’t get any better than Whorecraft. It’s filled with all of the races that you love and they’re all having sex all of the time. The sex is kinky and there are always expansions and updates being released.

Mortal Kum Butt

If you love a little sex fighting, then you want to get yourself into the world of Mortal Kum Butt. You can get to fight Sonya Blade and her massive tits. You get the best of her and she begs you to kill her. The best way to do that is to fuck her to death.

Metroid Strip

There’s nothing better about Metroid than knowing that the character you’re playing as is a woman who’s going to strip if you win hard enough. The goal of this game is to shoot off her clothes and get her totally naked.

Porn Pong

You get a giant piece of wood in Porn Pong to play with your balls. It’s the best way to pass the time while you're waiting for the world to open back up. Just make sure you stay hydrated and you work your other arm to keep them the same size.

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