With online gaming becoming as popular as it is right now, more and more people find themselves thinking whether it’s the right time to find a girlfriend. Of course, if you can find a girl who is also a passionate gamer, it can be quite interesting, but in every other situation, I’m more interested to hire an escort rather than finding a girlfriend who would hassle me about playing my favorite online games.

Battle royale games have taken over the internet and since Fortnite, COD Warzone and other online games appeared, people have turned to gaming instead of spending their time someplace else. Personally, I enjoy playing these games a couple of hours a day without neglecting my other obligations and since I started taking time for myself, I feel much better and I’ve tackled the anxiety I had for the past couple of years. I still maintain a pretty good social life and to be honest, not having a girlfriend lets me work on my career, on myself and I still have a lot of time for myself.

I’ve compiled my top 10 reasons why I think it’s better to hire an escort to satisfy my sexual needs than to find a girlfriend.

Having A Girlfriend Is Actually Pretty Expensive>

Before I started seeing escorts, I thought that it was really expensive to spend hundreds of pounds for just an hour or two with an escort. I was always interested in escorts and I’ve browsed countless escort sites over the past couple of months and I’ve read tons of Manchester escort reviews before I actually picked up the phone and arranged to see a very sexy girl. I put some cash on the side and went to see her completely relaxed, knowing I’ll have a great time and that she’ll satisfy my sexual fantasies. At this time I was just a couple of weeks single and I decided to work on myself and my career.

I had a great time with the escort and I was completely satisfied. I didn’t think about sex for some time and after about two weeks’ time, I noticed I had a lot more money than I had before. I realized I was spending tons of cash on dates, dinners, going out, and just being with my girlfriend anywhere but home. I realized I was spending a lot more money on my girlfriend than I spent on the escort who satisfied me even more than my girlfriend ever did. This was the moment I realized that having a girlfriend actually costs a lot more than to pay a girl to spend time with and experience everything I wanted sexually!

I Actually Have All The Time I Need To Work On Myself

I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and every one of them was needy in a way. Some were needier, some were less, but each and every girl I was dating insisted on spending time with me more than I actually wanted to. After breaking up with my last girlfriend, I had so much more time to work on myself that I even had a lot of free time as well. I know I never spent too much time with a girlfriend but it was the constant phone calls and texts that kept me busy and out of focus. It’s unbelievable how the little things I never thought about take away so much time out of the day!

Now I go to the gym regularly, I started learning new skills that will improve my business and I even have time to play my favorite online games!

Exploring Sexual Fetishes And Fantasies Has Never Been Easier

One of the things I could never do with a girlfriend is to explore my sexual fantasies. I can get a little kinky from time to time and as soon as I bring something kinky up, the mood is gone and I am left unsatisfied. I couldn’t believe I was dating girls who didn’t want to experiment at all and who would rather have sex in missionary position all the time rather to spice things up a little bit with sex toys or different positions they haven’t even tried before. I was losing the will to have sex and I wanted a change. I gave it a shot with a few more girls but I knew I had to hire a professional if I wanted to experience something new.

The first time I hired an escort is the first time I actually enjoyed sex after a long time. Even though the sex wasn’t as spontaneous as I’d hoped it will be, I still enjoyed more than ever because I could try sex positions I never tried before and with a girl who has so much experience that I even learned a thing or two from her. The position I tried with an escort for the first time was the reverse cowgirl which has become my favorite sex position!

Have Sex Whenever You Want Exactly How You Want It

I’ve noticed a pattern every time I was with a new girlfriend. The first month or so is full of sex and passion and the longer I was in a relationship, the less sex I had and it was harder and harder to actually have regular sex. This is probably the reason why so many people cheat.

After hiring an escort on multiple occasions, I’ve come to the realization that it’s actually a great thing because I can have sex exactly when I want to. I always hated the process of flirting with a girl who I’m in a relationship with in order to have sex with her. Of course, there were times when I didn’t have to but it was more often that I had to work for sex. With an escort, on the other hand, I make a deal when we’ll meet and what we’ll do so I never had to do what I didn’t want to.

My Wildest Fantasies Have Come True. Multiple Times

I’ve ended a couple of relationships when I insisted on making our sexual fantasies come true. My fantasy always revolved around having a threesome, no matter if a guy or girl joined us. Normally, I always wanted to add another girl to the mix but I was aware that it was extremely difficult not only to make my girlfriend accept to make my fantasy come true but to find another girl we’d both like. When I started seeing one of the escorts, I asked her about threesomes and she gladly agreed to have one with me and one of her sexy friends. We arranged everything and because we’ve already seen each other a couple of times, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Everything was exactly how I imagined it and I was more satisfied than ever before in my life. We had a threesome like that a couple of times so far and I’m pretty sure that we’ll have more of those in the future.

The great thing about hiring an escort is that I can always choose the girl I want to meet up with. Thankfully, there are tons of escort websites on the web and thanks to tons of reviews, I never had a problem finding a perfect girl every time I needed company!

I Raised My Standards When It Comes To Looks

Because of all the free time I had, I could work out more often and I can honestly say that I’m pretty satisfied with how I look right now. Unfortunately, I never had a girlfriend I REALLY liked physically. I always had to settle when it comes to looks because I was always in another social circle than the girls I liked and they were always out of my reach. When I started searching for escorts, the main thing I was looking at was their looks. I was really fed up with having sex with girls I didn’t find physically attractive and it was the perfect time to change that.

Now, when I’m browsing escort profiles, I always pick several escorts in my area who I like the most and I go through their profiles and reviews before picking the one I’ll call and hire. I’ve been with sexy blondes, sassy brunettes and fiery redheads and I had the most amazing experience every time! It’s been so much better having sex with girls I’m actually attracted to that I definitely think that hiring escorts is much better than settling for an average-looking girlfriend!

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