Thursday, July 23

Is There Sex in World of Warcraft?

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since beta and I played the other Warcraft games before then. It’s safe to say, I’m a big fan. WoW has set the bar for MMORPGs and all who have come along after have to find their own way to measure up and compete.

The game has millions of subscribers and is a household name, even for non-gamers. It’s become a part of pop culture and has been mentioned in shows like South Park and The Big Bang Theory and even in movies like Zombieland and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb to name only a few.

But does what happens in Azeroth stay in Azeroth? Sex and relationships in WoW is a topic that we can’t possibly cover in just one post. There have been thousands of couples who met one another through the game and many who got married, had children and enjoy their lives together. It’s as common as saying you met at a club or a bar these days.

With that in mind, it’s not really a shock that people will ask, “Is there sex in World of Warcraft?” I can tell you from the base game perspective – it’s a resounding no.

This game is not intended to have sex, nor does it have sexual encounters anywhere in its story dialogue or multiplayer mode. However, that doesn’t mean that some players have not used the multiplayer aspect to become involved with other players in a sexual way, or even to roleplay with their characters.

While most people who think of sex and WoW think of players meeting other players, I once had an old and dear friend in the game who had a fetish for the Tauren race and would create Tauren-themed pornographic material. There’s room for all kinds out there, for sure. But if you’re looking for a live sex or sex chat experience, you’re going to need to look outside of WoW for that. It’s just not what the game is for.

One option that players use instead is live cam sites. You can get the virtual experience of being with someone, but you can ensure it’s safe and consensual. You don’t want to just go around propositioning random people in the game. That can get you banned.

It’s really important if you’re going to go this route that you be careful of shady sites that can put you at risk. DirtyRoulette and Shagle are two that come to mind. These sites are a nice concept, but they don’t verify the ID of users to keep their sites to adults only, or to reduce the chance of scams and fraud, or predators. This puts you at risk when using them. You can learn more about Shagle in this review.

Look around, read reviews from real users, and find trustworthy sites to explore. There is no shortage of good ones out there, when you know what to look for. Have fun!

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