Thursday, July 30

Adult Games Are Looking Better Than The First WoW Installments

We all knew that this day will come. Although it’s not that hard to create a game that looks and moves better than Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, the time has come in which both software and hardware advancements are offering us the possibility to have the same kind of gaming experience in our browser. And when it comes to online browser games, the adult niche is advancing at an incredible pace. One of the best platforms for top quality adult browser gaming at the moment is called JerkDolls.

It started out as a simple adult game, but it quickly evolved into a hub where creative developers are working together to build the ultimate gaming platform. The interactive sex games on JerkDolls are already part of the next-gen. I would go as far as comparing them to the graphics and physics that we enjoyed in the Mists Of Pandaria expansion. And there’s a lot to enjoy in this collection. The site has hundreds of games and I’m sure that no matter what your desires are, you will find the right titles that will fulfill them. Let’s talk about what this collection is offering.

The Diverse Collection Of Next Gen Adult Games On JerkDolls

JerkDolls comes with games from all niches and categories. First of all, we have all the classic sex game simulators, where everything is about hardcore action. But there are many games with strong plot lines. Some games will give you the same thrills you have when you start developing a character in WoW. And that’s because the site comes with some hot dating simulators where you will start building a character based on your own desires and where every choice you make will influence the way you interact with the characters you meet along the game.

At the same time, JerkDolls also offers you titles that will let you explore your sexuality. The JerkDolls lesbian porn games, the gay porn games and the new trans games collection are perfect for that. And they’re suitable for anyone, no matter if you’re a man or a woman, no matter if you’re straight, gay or bi. As long as you keep an open mind, you can enjoy any game on this platform.

Jerk Dolls is also perfect to live some of those impossible fantasies you have in your mind. There are celebrity sex games on the site which are coming with characters modeled after the appearance of famous actresses, singers or TV stars. And there are also adult parody games featuring characters from all kinds of cartoons, anime and mainstream video games.

And yes, you will also find some World of Warcraft sex game parodies on the site, but I’ve kept this great news for last because if I would have started with it, you would have ran on JerkDolls immediately and not care about any of the other things I had to say. Enjoy!

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