The battlegrounds, the spirit healer, and the quests find resources, do these sound familiar? They must, and of course, we are talking of the most famous warcraft fantasy game. The fourth game of its genre, WoW, has been the talk of the digital gaming world.
With the emergence of the WoW online multiplayer game, worldwide subscribers peaked in 2012 to 2015 at around 12 million subscribers. However, it has seen fluctuations in recent times. The zeal of quests and unique abilities have imprinted a taste amongst the users.
The gameplay offers distinct varieties of activities and fun elements to users. However, to maximize the fun for online multiplayer games such as WoW, some pointers may help out. It may turn your in-game experience more fun-filled than you ever have.

Connect essentials only to wifi

Your gaming requires a stable connection through your network source, the wifi. However, if there are a lot of devices using data from one standard wifi, it results in bandwidth strain. It may include your family TV sets, handsets, and likewise devices.
However, to avoid this, make sure your game time is chosen wisely. That is when none other devices are in usage. The removal of unnecessary devices connected to your wifi can help achieve seamless gameplay. Turn the close combats in your favor.

Optimize your in-game net speeds

When you have an open ISP network during gaming, the experience might turn dull by lags. It is due to the bandwidth throttling that can be due to your service provider's act of speed reduction. Your device also turns at risk of malicious DDoS attacks.
For this purpose, you might want to play using a secure network. VPN for gamers can be a boon as it creates a private virtual network. This secures the IP address and provides a smooth gaming experience and better frame rates. 

Shift your router position

You must have often blamed your network for the ping. However, that might not be the case always. Sometimes, your gameplay can be affected based on where your console is set up. It can decide the gaming experience that you might have further.
For this purpose, the primary solution is knowing some norms.
    Set your router at a position equal or higher than your device
    Distance your router to get the optimum speed.
    Remove any metal objects in proximity.

Shift your router antenna

Quite often, more than the distance, your antenna's positioning plays a vital role in a better in-game experience. Further, a device might not receive the proper signal strength due to the angle of the antenna.
For this purpose, a slight tweak in the router's antenna can quickly improve the smooth network inflow for your gameplay. To improve the vertical reach, tweak it parallel to the ground.

Try a wifi extender

When you have wifi, at times, your speed might be hindered by limits in wifi radius. It can easily cause your data left unused and gameplay disrupted.
For this purpose, one of the essential inventions is wifi repeaters. They resonate with the data waves again with greater intensity. Hence, an increase in the overall radius of the router.
Hence, when the tips listed above are followed, better connectivity is guaranteed. The better gaming experience is bound to follow. It is through small improvements in positioning and structuring. Make sure you mark your WoW experience on a better note.

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