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Online Computer Gaming in 2021

 With people all around the world losing their minds due to the COVID-19 pandemic and countries shutting down sports and other major sources of entertainment, online computer gaming is perhaps the one thing that is not affected by the current events. Online computer gaming witnessed a massive increase in its popularity since many countries in the world quarantined their population and the only way to escape the real world was to sit down and play a good and relaxing computer game.

People were forced to stay inside their homes for a long period of time and online computer gaming is one of the fun things to do. Whether you are playing some old or new online games the fun never stops and here we’ll see what we can expect in online computer gaming for 2021.

New Releases

This current situation around the globe was the perfect moment for online game developers to release or improve some of their games in order to entertain people during these difficult times. One of those games that had a massive impact on the online gaming industry is Among Us which gained an extremely big population as the new online entertainment for games. Twitch and Youtube streamers took advantage of the game and made it even more popular.

Also, the new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion is expected to be released days before 2021 kicks in. This new expansion will provide a different Warcraft gaming experience and gamers are more than ready to give it a try. 

As 2021 closes in, we can expect new releases of popular games that were previously delayed during the pandemic at the start of 2020.

Online Streaming

Sitting at home while playing your favourite computer game can be much more enjoyable if you start streaming your gameplay to show off your skills. Gamers around the world have earned massive amounts of money simply by promoting the games they play and commenting on them. Twitch became the breeding ground for online streamers and those ‘trapped’ at home started to watch them - and found them very entertaining.

The world’s most popular streamers are always up-to-date with the new releases, gear, and equipment, their streams are perfectly designed to attract more viewers and promote their sponsoring game. In 2021, we can only expect this trend to grow as more and more online streamers are joining both Twitch and Youtube in order to escape reality and deliver a new wave of entertainment for the world.

Using Cryptocurrencies to purchase games in 2021

One trend that are getting more and more popular among young gamers is to use cryptocurrencies to play online and purchase games. Everything from Bitcoin, Litecoin and other coins are now accepted at many online stores. This is also a trend for other gamers such as the online casino industry. Many of the newest sites in 2021 are using cryptocurrencies as a payment method at casinos. We expect this trend to grow quickly in 2021 and beyond.

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Gaming Events in 2021

The one advantage of online gaming in these times of pandemic is that all events can be moved online. Popular events such as ESI New York and Code Mesh 2020 have moved their events online so that both gamers and developers can stay in touch with the recent trends in the e-industry without skipping a beat! These online events have witnessed major increases in viewership, with countless people tuning in to see what’s new in the gaming industry. 

Online gaming events are now the best possible way to promote any new release or to bring new updates for older games.

Ever since most 2020 major events were delayed or canceled, gamers now impatiently await future major events and conferences to discover what’s going to take place in the upcoming 2021.

Online Computer Gaming Predictions for 2021

The future is bright for online computer gaming, since there’s no need for gamers to participate in public tournaments like they used to. Now, game developers are taking the advantage of the current situation and are trying to place their products on the markets as fast as possible. Online tournaments can be hosted almost every day and people are excited to watch them with their family.

One thing that can change drastically is the computer gear used by gamers, as brands such as Razer and SteelSeries are releasing new gear like mice, keyboards, and headphones, while laptop manufacturer Dell released the new state-of-the-art gaming monitor named Alienware.

The popular trend of online computer gaming will continue in the future, and ever since the introduction of e-sports competitions, there have been efforts to include them in the next Olympic Games after Tokyo 2021.

To Sum Up

2020 has been a turbulent year and it seems like online computer gaming is making the most of the quarantines around the world. New games, streamers, and gaming gear are quickly taking over the online computer gaming sphere. We can most definitely ‘blame’ the COVID-19 pandemic for the massive rise of online gaming as most quarantined people found a way to entertain themselves.

In the end, let’s not forget that you can make new friends and stay connected with old ones, and that is all very possible, if not likely, in the rapidly growing esports industry!

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