There are betting rules, and then there is online betting etiquette. Most newbie players spend tremendous amount of time learning and mastering the rules of their favourite game, but not a lot of them give even a passing thought to online betting Etiquette. Mind you, some of these rules are quite similar to in-person betting, while some of them are starkly different in the online version. Sadly, no one spells out basic etiquette in the website. But a seasoned player will tell you there are a few. If you're wondering what online gaming etiquette is all about, here are five basic practices you ought to imbibe before you can win big online. 

Learn The Technology Involved In Online Betting
Online betting comes with its own set of technological tools and aids you've got to come around to. For example, back in the day you wouldn't hear of mathematical software, trackers or HUD software. Sounds like Greek and Latin? Well, before you make an entry on the big table, get yourself accustomed to these tools. If not, your competitors will have an edge over you and that's not what you want. For example HUD or heads-up display is a software that collects information about your opponent and their game in the past. Getting attuned with such technology helps your chances at winning big online.

Don't Ask A Co-Player Their Personal Details
Some friendly banter or a word in edgeways is considered good table etiquette in land casinos. But the world of online casinos is way different. Don't ask a Co-Player on your table their personal details such as location, gender, hobbies etc. What they put up on their profile is what you get to know. Respect their privacy, as that may be one of the reasons they are on an online betting table and not a real one. Even if their profile has some mysterious details, it's not for you to wade into. On the online table, it's only about the game and nothing else! Worse, don't ask a player if they're a human or a robot!

Keep Your Mic Muted
Nobody wants to hear you hum your favourite music or order your pizza on your phone. Keep you mic mute as basic table manners if you're in the habit of talking alongside your game. Of course, if you wish to say something relevant to the game, you can take yourself off mute and speak up. Some online betting rooms allow dialogue while some don't. Make sure you're in the right space if you wish to comment. But as a rule of thumb, always stay on mute so you don't disturb other players even inadvertently.

Don't Keep Players Waiting
If you've spent considerable time learning the ropes of the game, it won't take you long to make your move. The last thing you want to do is hold up other players by taking forever to make your move. It can be frustrating and can deviate them from their strategy. Basic table etiquette, whether online or in-person, says you don't take more than a few seconds to make your move. If you're yet to master dexterity and speed in your game, we suggest you play on a free table or against a bot to get up to speed. Most leading foreign betting rooms have these options. Check out the best betting rooms or locally called Casas apuestas extranjeras from Spain and the world over where you can get ample practice. Once you've for the hang of it, then you can move to a Co-Player table.

Accept Defeat Graciously
This one is a no-brainer. Just as you would in person, accept Defeat graciously even in online betting rooms. Don't name call, don't press your case or start a tilt. Remember, online betting platforms are designed to get you comfortable and dealers create scenarios to have you play more. But knowing where to draw the line and stepping back when you have to is basic online betting Etiquette.

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