So, here's a neat little trick that's been active since the stat squish.

You probably noticed during the past Halloween event that there was a completely broken power differential of players between the levels of 45-49 and regular 50's.

Remember when everyone was heading to Shadowmoon Valley to farm the [Coin of Many Faces] (Coin of Many Faces - Item - World of Warcraft) from Captain Bonerender? At Level 50, it was a long fight even with others helping.

But "mysteriously" the Level 45 to Level 48 players were able to one shot him, and one shot all of the other Level 50 skeletons.  It was a great place to farm if you weren't level 50 since you could kill everything so quickly, while all of the Level 50's were struggling. I think at Level 49, they start to level out some more. But your scaling was completely broken and overpowered at 45-48.

Well, did you know that some of your Garrison NPC's (who spawn at Level 40) are still completely broken and OP too?

Here's a quick activity you can perform daily within your Garrison on your alts:

  1. Apply the [Creepy Crawlers] Halloween decorations to your Garrison. They can be active all year round. (Creepy Crawlers - Item - World of Warcraft)
  2. Arachnis will spawn in your Garrison and you can kill him daily for a chance at [Sack of Spectral Spiders], a Toy that sells for 4-8K gold (Sack of Spectral Spiders - Item - World of Warcraft)
  3. If you weren't aware, new Battle Pets also spawn in your Garrison: Ghastly Rat, Ghost Maggot and Spectral Spinner
  4. Normally, at Level 50 or 60 now, Arachnis is pretty tough. But not to your Level 40 Garrison NPCs.
  5. Talk to one of your NPCs, like Blook and say "Come with me on patrol". Attack Arachnis and Blook will kill him within a couple hits. Then logout and repeat on alts.

Only SPECIFIC Garrison followers will do broken damage, and it tends to be the Melee Skill based. Magic casters hardly do any damage to him at all.

Goldmane the Skinner will ONE SHOT him. Pleasure-bot 8000 takes 2 hits. Blook, Tormmok, and Ahm will take about 3 hits. But, you'll have to experiment with your regular Garrison followers to see which ones do the most damage.

Note: Barracks is not required. These are NOT Bodyguards, just the regular followers within your Garrison that you can talk to and bring on patrol. It only works within your Garrison.

When you try to bring Bodyguards outside of your Garrison, they are different levels and have been scaled properly so they're complete weaklings.

However, this exploit does bring up an interesting question. What if there was an item that summoned a lower level (completely broken and overpowered) character that you could take anywhere and would obliterated foes for you? 

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