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Online casinos appeared relatively recently. However, many events have taken place in the history of its development during this short period. Over the past few decades, there have been ups and downs, innovations have appeared, casinos have been banned and allowed again. Nevertheless, the online gaming business continues to develop and give many surprises.

Let's try to consider the stages of the development of this online business.

The origin of online casinos

It is known for certain that the first online gambling establishment appeared in 1994, after an act allowing free trade was signed in Antigua and Barbuda. This legalized the opening of online casinos, and they began to open everywhere around the world.

Accordingly, the first manufacturer of electronic games for a new kind of business appeared immediately. The pioneer in this niche was Microgaming Corporation. A few months later, another manufacturer appeared, today this company is called Cryptologic. The casino that opened the era of online gaming was called the Gaming Club, and it still functions to this today.

Over the years of online casino existence, the range of games offered and their quality has changed dramatically. For example, in 1997 there were relatively few online games:
  • classic blackjack,
  • standard video poker,
  • baccarat,
  • a slot with one betting line with a growing jackpot,
  • the classic slot with three lines,
  • the video slot with 5 lines,
  • European roulette,
  • American roulette.

Looking at this poor list, it becomes clear that over the past two decades, the number and variety of games have grown significantly. Today, any reliable online casino NZ offers more than 5000+ different games!
Bans, Restrictions, and Development of Online Gambling

After the emergence of the first online gambling establishment, they began to appear like mushrooms after rain. The founders of such sites preferred to remain unknown, while the authorities of many countries already at that time began to make attempts to close online casinos or apply various restrictions.

Besides bans, the online casino industry was rife with scams and fraud. A lot of questionable sites appeared. Hackers hacked accounts or simply threatened to attack one or another gaming site. The forums of that time were full of information about such hacks.

As a result, the first online casinos had many problems. Over time, a mechanism for data encryption and protection against DDoS attacks was developed, and player accounts became more reliably protected. The quality of graphics has also improved, the images in the machines have become more colorful. This became possible thanks to the development of technologies and the increase in the speed of the Internet connection, as well as a strong decrease in the cost of internet traffic. It took much less time and, consequently, less money to download casino games.

The players needed guarantees that the casino did not cheat them because they were playing for real money. With this in mind, casinos began to cooperate with various audit companies and firms, for example, with such as eCORGA and the like. Every effort has been made to ensure that online casino gaming is reliable, fair, and fun.
Interaction between casinos and authorities

The first online gambling commission appeared in Canada in the late twentieth century. It operated under the laws of the city of Kahnawake. The Commission has been successfully operating to this day, issuing licenses to companies in the country.

Sometime later, the Republican party in the United States tried to push a law to ban casinos. This initiative did not pass in Congress, and the profit from online games exceeded $800 million.

A year later, the Republicans tried to push the law again, and they failed for the second time. By the beginning of 1999, more than 700 gambling establishments offered their services to players on the Internet. In the same year, the software was released to support multiplayer games. This allowed users to be in the same playroom and talk to each other. Around the same time, a jackpot system appeared, it was implemented by the same Microgaming company.

The following year, the Republicans tried to ban casinos for the third time and failed again.

What didn't work out in the United States happened in Australia. In 2001, online casinos were banned completely. And in Nevada, on the contrary, they allowed licensed organizations to expand their activities outside the state.

In 2004, Italy became the first country in Europe to ban online casinos from organizations not licensed in their country. Opponents of online gambling did succeed in securing a law in 2007 that prohibited citizens from gambling in casinos. As a result of this law, many of them were closed.
Game development

At this time, there are quite a few companies and firms developing games, and they continue to appear. This is a very profitable type of business. Today, there is fierce competition in this area. Young companies face different fates: some go out of business, others are taken over by larger manufacturers, and only a few make their way to the top.

Yggdrasil is one example of a company breaking through the top. Until recently, no one heard of Yggdrasil Gaming, but now this company is included in the trend of software manufacturers, their games are in demand all over the world.
What the future holds for online casinos

It is not easy to predict which direction the internet gaming industry will take. Of course, leading manufacturers have already mapped out further development prospects, and are waiting for the right moment to launch a new solution on the market, like Boost online casino

The realism of slots will also be developed, methods for replenishing the balance and withdrawing the won money will be added. Undoubtedly, the bonus program will expand, the variety of promotions will increase. The security of game servers will be improved as well.

Casino players have always existed and will continue to exist. If they are not allowed to legally satisfy their passion, then they will find illegal ways. With the development of online communications, casinos, like other types of business, have moved to the Internet, an obstacle to this process will not bring anything good. State licensing of gaming sites is necessary, this will increase reliability and guarantee the integrity of projects. Fans of gambling and casino owners can only hope that countries all over the world will make amendments to the gambling laws.

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