Player numbers at land-based casinos like Black Lotus have been in steady decline for some years, with many of us now preferring to take the fun online. Because of this, players are using online casinos for the first time, and it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a complete beginner. In this guide, we will give you some key tips that will help you to adjust to online casinos, including how to increase your chances of winning and being paid out faster. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

RTP and Variance In Games

Online casino games are powered by a random number generator, and so a smart algorithm decides randomly who wins and who doesn’t. Because of this, each game has a return to player percentage, otherwise known as RTP. In basic terms, this is how much a slot pays out.

The important thing to remember is that an RTP is calculated from all stakes across all players, not you as an individual. So a 96% RTP slot that has £1 million staked on it, will return £960,000 to players. The game won’t necessarily give you 96% of your own money back, in reality, your return could be much lower, or much higher.

The return to player percentage isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Variance, sometimes called volatility, is also a big factor in gameplay. This is how often a slot pays. A low volatility game will trigger winds more frequently than a high volatility one, but the payouts are likely to be lower. Ultimately, a high RTP slot with low variance is the perfect combination for beginners, as it’s a good way to make your balance last longer. High volatility games can drain your funds, but the payouts tend to be bigger.

Remember that there are thousands of games to choose from, including slots, tables, jackpots and others. Have a good browse first and spin at a low amount to get the feel for a game before you commit yourself.

Get Paid Faster

If you’re used to real-life casinos, then you will also be used to instant payouts. Take your chips, trade them in at the cashier and walk away with your winnings. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with online casinos, and you will be waiting longer to be paid. In fact, some methods can take up to a week.

The good news is that some payment methods are faster than others, and it would be smart to choose one of these. You can expect to wait around 3-5 days for withdrawals to your bank card, but opting for an e-wallet like PayPal is around 24-48 hours. These modern ways of paying are just as safe as the traditional methods, and you can get your hands on your money faster. Firstly, you will need to check whether or not the online casino accepts these fast payment methods. Using a comparison site that looks at fast payout casinos is a great way to do this, click here to see one of the best.

Set Limits and Gamble Responsibly

Staying in control is much easier when you’re handling real cash. When you play online, you are at a higher risk of spending too much money. This is because of the instant access to deposits at the click of a button, with very little time to think about it. Because of this, you should consider setting limits.

You can opt for a daily deposit limit, as well as a weekly or monthly one. This way, you can stay within your budget for online gaming. You can also select maximum gameplay periods, which will allow you to play for a few hours a week, and then give you a cooling-off period.

This will help to keep online slots fun, and responsible gambling should be practised at all times. If this becomes too difficult, you should consider self excluding completely which is the most permanent, but most effective way to restrict your spending.

You Are Good to Go

You are now in a much better position to begin your online casino journey. You have a much better idea of the different game payouts and strike rates, as well as faster payouts and ways to stay in control.

Using all of this knowledge will result in a better gambling experience, so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy yourself. Choose your favourite casino site, register, and don’t forget to claim any bonuses for new players.

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