There is currently a massive dupe active!

It was discovered at the opening of Shadowlands. So a member on our discord server was using his old characters mailbox/his mains mailbox to store excess gold and materials, as they are sent back to you after 30 days.

He noticed that when shadowlands launched, he was getting duplicate mails returned, one instantly and one after 30 days.

We have since used the dupe to dupe anything from Gold, Materials and BoE mounts if not more.

  • Unmerged WoW Account, Permabanned.

The dupe?

Send an ingame mail to any character on the unmerged account, wait a couple of seconds and check if you got a return mail instantly, if you did, expect to see a duplicate mail after 30 days.

It's super straightforward, the only downside is, that it requires an unmerged wow account, and that you remember the character name/realm of a char on that account.

I'm expecting to see a rather quick fix on this.

To Date, i've personally duped roughly 72million gold.

I Recommend, if you wish to use this to dupe in quantites lower than 1 million, as if the mail isn't returned to you, you'll have to wait 30 days to get your gold back.

See pic:

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