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Avoid These Five Red Flags of an Unsafe Online Casino


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Online casinos are a dime a dozen these days, with new gambling sites popping up almost on a daily basis. While this could mean more places for avid casino gamers to play at, registering with unsafe online casinos can cause some serious repercussions if not checked. 

We always recommend going to secure websites to pick out reliable online casinos like those featured here. However, it will always help to know what makes an online casino safe, so you don’t need to worry about cases like credit card fraud or missing payouts. 

Here is a quick list of crucial red flags to watch out for when deciding on which online casino to play at:

1. No gambling license

2. Unsecure payment options and payouts

3. Shoddy game providers and poor game selection

4. No SSL and RNG encryption

5. Nonexistent customer service

No Gambling License

Gambling licenses are important for online gambling sites to legitimately operate, whether online or land-based, as this proves that the operator is regulated by their home country. For online casinos to get a gambling license, they must pass a set of standards regarding data privacy, payment methods, payouts, and the like.

Legitimate online casinos usually have their gambling license number showing on the website’s footer. If you fail to see a gambling license number on the site, best to stay away from that online casino, as your security is not guaranteed. 

Unsecure Payment Options and Payouts

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In order to play on online casinos, players must make deposits to their casino accounts and exchange them for game credits. This entails providing sensitive information regarding your credit or debit card, as well as other payment options like PayPal or E-wallets. 

Reputable online casinos usually offer different payment options to meet their client’s availability, each option with secure encryption to protect sensitive data. So, if the site you’re on only accepts one or two payment options, consider it a red flag.

As for payouts, make sure to check the online casino’s payout guidelines to see how long withdrawals take. On average, legitimate online casinos take two to five days to release the funds, and anything longer should be a cause for concern. It’s best to check reviews regarding the online casino on trusted review sites, as they could shed light on their payout protocols and help you make the decision to continue playing with the site.

Shoddy Game Providers and Poor Game Selection

Big-name online casinos will give players a wide assortment of game types to choose from, allowing for long hours of play with their favorite titles. These games run smooth like butter, having little to no hiccups, glitches, or lags that could affect the gaming experience. 

Another sign of a safe online casino is the list of casino game providers they work with in order to supply their patrons with high-quality and enjoyable casino games. Top-class game developers constantly maintain their titles to guarantee they load and play properly and have engaging designs and mechanics.

If you encounter casino games that take a long time to load, don’t load at all, or constantly glitch out in the middle of the game, look for another site to play at. Using their free play money options or trials before signing up is helpful for checking the competency of their games. 

No SSL and RNG Encryption

When playing with real money involved and requiring your personal information, website security has a big role in keeping your data safe from fraud and unsolicited emails. Nobody wants to stay on an online casino with their credit card info easily accessible to anyone, right?

The easiest way to check the security of an online casino is if you see a warning sign or a lock on the site’s address bar. Located before the web address, the lock symbolizes a secure website with proper SSL encryption, while a warning sign does the opposite. Also, when the website URL starts with “https”, it means the site is safe to play.

One more thing to look at is the RNG encryption of the site, which refers to the randomness of each play. To make sure the randomization of the games is not tampered with, the site must have SHA-3 encryption.

Nonexistent Customer Service

By law, casinos must have a customer service team to address any concerns that players may encounter during their stay, whether online or land-based. Legitimate online casinos will have an available hotline or email contact for your inquiries. Not seeing one on the site is a big red flag stating that they d

on’t want to deal with you after getting your money.


Make your game time fun and hassle-free by playing with reliable online casinos, and our list will help you locate those from the crowd. 

You can also check this article on how credit card frauds occur in online casinos (https://www.casino.org/blog/credit-card-scams-part-4/).

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