This guide is for getting to level 80 in Wrath of the Lich King.

Every 2 levels you get new spells. That kind of sets the tempo for returning back to a larger city to learn your new spells.

When you travel enemy NPCs will sometimes be a lot higher level than you, even though it is a place that you need to get to. If that is the case make sure to travel on the main roads.

Bagnon and Loot Filter will help you to manage your inventory.

You can configure Loot Filter to automatically sell junk at vendors and you can delete particular types of items when your bags are full. Instead of going back to town you can continue to level without needing to find the items that are of low value.

Bindpad and Talented work well for key binding while you are adding new spells and to have a talent tree that works well without having to unlearn those talents.

I like to use Prat and bChat to make the chat window in WoW be invisible. Just create a new chat window by right clicking on the General chat tab to the left of the Combat Log. Click on Create New Window. Once you have made a new chat window right click on it in the same way that you did with the General tab. Click on Settings and proceed to uncheck everything in the three categories; Chat, Global Channels and Other. The last step is to disable the CopyChat module that is part of Prat. Pull up the Game Menu by hitting the Escape key. It is right next to the Dungeon Finder. Click on Interface, then the Addons tab, select Prat and then click Module Control. Find CopyChat and click the drop down menu then select disable.

Hunters and Warlocks can be a great choice for leveling. You can use a Voidwalker or a type of pet with extra armor and health. Rogues can also stealth past enemies and acquire items more easily.

Getting a mount is very important in regards to speeding up the leveling process. If you happen to not have enough gold when you reach level 40 then travel to Tanaris.

Steeljaw Snapper - NPC - WOTLK Database World of Warcraft DB

The Steeljaw Snappers on the coast of Tanaris drop a lot of grey and white items that can be turned into gold. They are neutral so there is less of a worry about aggroing other nearby monsters. Farm them until you have enough gold to get an epic mount.

If you happen to be a melee class and there is nothing in the Auction House then travel to a place like Orgrimmar or Undercity. Look for where blacksmiths are and weapon vendors. Especially at low levels having an upgraded weapon can help considerably.

Make another character and bring them to a main city. You can use this character's bank space and have them put auctions up on the Auction House. Later you can buy them several bags and bag slots. You can have them keep items in their bank or auction off items while conserving bag space on your primary character.

Every time you log off from playing be certain to have your character be at an Inn. Do not forget to talk to an Innkeeper to change your Hearthstone to that place. You want to be rested and have your character close to where you left off.

Good luck.

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