Friday, November 19

Do you have any daily/weekly routines off the beaten path?

I'm sure most of us daily refresh crafting list, craft, some of us do Callings for gold, wondering what else you do?

In an effort to not have this nuked as a generic "How do I Make Gold bla bla bla" thread I'll start with a few things I do. I'm not rich by any means, but I do OK. Maybe we can discuss if some of these things are a waste of time or not, of course they'll be server dependant.

First I do daily Panda farms, STILL, on 2 realms where Trillium and all of it's related products still do well. Ghost Iron prospecting to JC panthers, Trillium direct sales + transmuites to living steel if applicable. I love the 1-50 leveling game in LFG, after that I sort of lose interest in Shadowlands. And that's fine, and it may change with 9.1.5, but my point is 1-50 is great. And you can still do well with gold in older expansions.

If I have a level 40-50ish alt doing nothing, they get relegated to Panda farmer status and I quickly run a few dailies, get exalted in a few days and grow Trillium Ore. I'll max out their mining and sometimes alchemy. I only play on a few servers but it's a good way to get some gold to invest on new realms where I do battle pet flips.

I estimate each daily 5 minutes in my panda farms planting and harvesting 16 snakeroots for trillium + ghost iron to be worth about 2k gold per toon dependant on having a miner to smelt and an optional transmute alchemist to transmute.

Weekly I do a few runs of Molten Core for Dark Iron, killing Giants for Blood of the Mountain, then finally killing Golemagg for chance at Sulfuron Ingot which isn't worth much, but I use them for crafting Hammers which sell OK.

Daily I do /battle pet/rare/1000g/20000g searches noting things particularly well below dbregionmarketavg and scooping them up. Slow sellers but I do alright with pets. I don't bother littering the results with 3g pets anymore I just filter them out with the search string above, obviously customizable to whatever numbers you like. I let it run for a few minutes while I make a drink then I come back and make a few purchases.

Daily I still craft Legendary crafting reagants. I never really got into the Lego crafting madness, unfortunately, I'd be rich now if I did. It's not too late, but with the state of the game now I just sell to other people crafting Legos. They sell OK for decent markup.

Daily I search my SL Trade Groups group on the AH, looking for things below dbmarket that sell. A few times a week I'll make some big flips.

Daily I'm trying to remember to make Pandaria cooldowns for Mining/BSing, same with Outlands Tailoring/etc, but I forget quite a bit. It wouldn't hurt to scan underpriced recipes but I always forget .

I've been trying to setup the addon Executive Assistant which is pretty amazing TBH and looking for a few more niche ideas to add. I don't logon daily anymore, but when I do I try to follow the template of gather auctions -> recraft -> post -> panda farms -> weekly farms -> look in LFG for farms (dead lately) -> logoff

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