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World of Warcraft Strategies

World of Warcraft is an awesome game that has millions upon millions of players throughout the world. The game was released in 2004 and has been around since then.

Like other games out there, people play WOW for multiple reasons. Some love the storyline, others enjoy the PvP aspect of it, and others just love the characters and the world of Azeroth. Regardless of what you like about WoW, there are certain strategies that you should learn if you want to become successful.

In this article, I'm going to give you the inside scoop on what these WoW strategies are and how you can use them in real life to improve your gaming skills and get better at WoW in general.

1. How to avoid lag during a battle.

The first strategy in my list will help you increase your chances of winning a particular fight or mission because one of its main components is avoiding lag during the important parts of the fight: combat phases.

How do video cards prevent lag? To understand this concept, let's take a look at the two most common types of video cards available today - single-slot graphics cards and multi-slot graphics cards just like the ones found at top online casinos.

When using an SLI graphics card, all three video RAM chips are located within a single package that can hold only one slot. Thus, with SLI, each GPU needs access to one memory chip, so they cannot transfer data between themselves until the whole system needs to access all memory contents simultaneously. On a normal graphic card, however, the video RAM chips are distributed across three separate packages, making it possible for any GPU to start transferring data as soon as it is ready to do so.

This means that when a game starts to run slowly, the problem usually lies with one of the GPUs, not the overall performance of the entire system. In some cases, even though the game runs smoothly while playing at 60 frames per second, it may be lagging when reaching more advanced levels of the game. This is very common, especially for new computers which have never experienced lag before.

To eliminate lag problems, make sure you have enough memory space for both graphics cards. If you have 4 GB of vRAMs installed in your computer, but only 2 GB are being utilized, you're wasting half the amount of your memory. Don't forget to turn down the minimum level of quality settings that your video card uses when running low on memory!

2. How to minimize incoming damage.

Damage is always a threat in World of Warcraft, especially in PvP mode. When facing enemies, you need to watch out for spells and attacks from behind, so you can deal more damage to opponents and avoid losing health points. But don't worry, we'll show you some tips to reduce the impact of spell steal.

First off, try to keep your pet alive by attacking enemies only when you see them coming in range. After doing this, place your pet next to a high-health enemy NPC who may attack you on sight; you can quickly heal the pet by activating his auto-heal ability which will consume mana and heal you back to full health.

Remember to deactivate auto-healing if you attack an NPC with fewer than 10% HP. Also, make sure to save mana potions and mana crystals whenever they become available to help heal your pet faster.

If you have a tanking class character, use defensive buffs such as dodge, parry, block, etc., to stay safe from attackers' deadly spells. Also note that the same applies vice versa - you should use offensive buffs such as rage, haste, critical strike, etc. whenever you're attacked. Whenever you encounter a hostile mob, activate either dodge, parry, or block immediately after your movement key has been pressed. 

Dodge/parry reduces incoming damage by 30%, whereas block increases outgoing damage done by 15%. When a friendly NPC gets hit by a player, he should go to him and use either healing ability depending on whether he would like to protect himself or heal his partner. For example, if your companion wants to kill his attacker, he'll use a healing ability; if he's trying to defend himself, he'll use blocking. As long as your companion has a sufficient number of HP left, he'll remain invulnerable to players

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