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Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the difficult games with many challenging bosses.  And it is not its first time to enter entry in the Souls series and that honour belongs to the early Demon’s Soul but it was the first to set what it meant to be a Souls game. Moreover, Just like many best online casino games, Dark Souls took the gaming world by storm and never let go again, offering a degree of challenge that few current games recreate well. The following are the challenging bosses in the game.

Asylum Demon

This is the first boss which every player encounter when beginning the game. And most players will find out that Asylum Demon is the hardest boss than most final bosses from other games. They think this until they find out that the first big rule about Dark Souls combat positioning is key.

In addition, if you want to make your fight with this demon easy you have to attack from behind. But this strategy can be difficult if the stress of the fight is bearing down upon the Chosen Undead.

Bell Gargoyles

This has many fights tactics that hit the player right when they are starting to begin feeling confident about their battle prowess. And dealing with all these threats leading to the Bell Gargoyles. Meaning that someone would have had to deal with many Balder knights, a horde of buffed and maddened hollows. Also, a couple of black knights.

Ceaseless Discharge

Because of the narrow path that the player of Dark Souls must attack this lava-leaking demon on, there is little chance of avoiding some of the heaviest hitting attacks in the game. In addition, the Ceaseless Discharge is one of the powerful bosses in the game and if a player chooses to fight them head-on. Moreover, this is one of the situations where those who are not dead are not meant to stand their ground but perform a planned retreat.

Capra Demon

Capra Demon’s level is not difficult because of the boss design but it is difficult due to a cramped arena where players are expected to fight both two rabid dogs out of the gate and the Capra Demon. And it is difficult for a player who is not yet prepared to enter the fog gate. In addition, it is not fair when players are unable to break out of their right way. But it is fair to a huge fight that promises instant death on a level no other boss fight does. 

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Gwyn can either be easy for a player’s good or can be bad to him. A play who has mastered the art of parrying will find him a chump, and to be at that point there is a need for more effort and practise. And without parrying, Gwyn will change up his moves and start attacking. Apart from that, among all the hardest bosses, this one is the best designed which clearly telegraphing his attack before each blow. 

In conclusion, these are some of the hardest bosses you encounter when playing Dark Souls 

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