Wednesday, December 8

Why Do People Enjoy Skyrim?

If there is one game that can bring the whole gaming community together, it is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is because it has become a classic game despite only releasing in 2011. The reasons for these are endless, but it is not a stretch to say that it is one of the best RPGs ever made. While some may argue against this, there is no doubt that the game was revolutionary when it came out. This was a time where, to members of the gaming community, RPGs were unnecessarily complex games where combat was difficult and inventories were frustrating to manage. Skyrim came along and changed all of this by making it attractive to the masses.

Skyrim appealed to the mainstream by removing these complex tropes of RPGs and instead gave players a refined experience that would not hinder the flow of gameplay. While veterans of the Elder Scrolls series lambasted this decision from Bethesda as older entries in the series were more complex, there is no doubt that the decision was a successful one. To this day, Skyrim is played by many people and it has earned a place on the bestselling games of all-time list. This is an incredible feat considering the list is occupied by masterpieces such as GTA V, a game renowned for offering players an in-game casino. Those who want the real thing though can always access some here if they are looking to earn real money.

From the moment that players step out of the cave dedicated to the opening mission of the game, they can feast their eyes upon a landscape that has been custom made by a team of dedicated designers. The trees, the mountains, the wildlife, and the flora all make it so that the player feels like they have stepped into their local woods themselves. This also makes exploring exciting to do, which cannot be said for most other games. Players will often find their travels accompanied by a beautifully composed soundtrack that serves to suspend the player’s concept of time and certainly space as they are immersed within the world itself. There are only a handful of games where certain moments can be awe-inspiring and Skyrim has that in abundance.The game is now over ten years old, and as it celebrates its newest re-release, gamers are eager for the newest instalment in the series. They might have a while to wait though as this is not due to be released for years.

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