Wednesday, December 15

Looking Back at Fable 2

When people consider the RPG genre today, they have so much to choose from. This is a result of the surge in popularity of RPG games, and it is clear that developers are making more of them to satisfy that demand. The same thing happened in the 2000s as RPGs were highly popular at the time, but as mega games such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty started to carve up huge slices of the gaming market, interest in RPGs faded. It wasn’t until Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim did RPGs once again appeal to the mainstream, and the examples that followed this game such as The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is a good way to see how the industry has once again started to indulge in the genre.

New players only just getting into the scene now have a wealth of RPGs to choose from and the age of each game will inform on what kind of game they get. This is because not all RPGs are made similar, especially when comparing two examples from different ages. People must only look to how different Skyrim is to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to get an idea of this. However, there is one example of an RPG game that is timeless and that many people look back on with great fondness. This video game is Fable 2, the second instalment in the series.

Those who know their video games history will know that the Fable series is traditionally an Xbox exclusive, meaning only those who had an Xbox could play them. However, such was the appeal of this game that people bought the console just to play Fable, much like how they did with the legendary Halo series. There will be many wondering what was so good about Fable 2 that made people buy consoles just to play it. After all, isn’t it just another RPG game? While this is true, it is hard to think of an RPG that is quite like Fable 2.

Many will agree that it simply changed the scene when it came out. This is because people could role-play as a good or evil character by making certain decisions within the game, and the players’ changing morality would physically manifest itself on their characters in-game. This made the game so exciting to play, as choices mattered more than did in other RPGs. There were also mini-games to pass the time, and people could also gamble in a tavern which is akin to playing on real casino sites like these for example, which is always fun for those looking to win money.

Ultimately, it was the emphasis on British humour that cemented Fable 2 in the minds of most, especially those from Britain. While Fable 2 was arguably the best RPG of its time, it also led the way for other greater games to follow years later, such as Skyrim. There is no doubt that Fable 2 is a game to remember, and those who seek it out to play it today will be doing themselves a service.

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