Demons Souls Remastered has finally been released. The game was originally released back in 2012 for the Playstation 3 console. Since then, there have been numerous updates such as DLC packs and new characters. Now that the release is complete, the team at FromSoftware have taken the opportunity to reveal the character names and descriptions for each of the demons souls remastered characters. And, here are our favorites so far.


The Flamelurker is a demon who can summon his own flames from within himself. If he takes too much damage, however, he will turn into a giant fireball.

Baron of Hell: Baron Geist

The Baron of Hell is a powerful Demon who wears a long black cloak and carries around a holy sword. He’s not so bad on his own but when he enters combat with you it becomes clear exactly how dangerous he is.


Now the Nemesis Demon is one most people definitely admire. The nemeses name comes from Greek mythology where this monster would eat humans and animals alike. This demon can teleport anywhere in the world, meaning you won’t ever know how many attacks he’ll unleash against you. The fact that he’s got teleportation and invisibility makes him incredibly hard to target while also being able to teleport again after every attack negates that ability leaving you open to be hit further. While he isn’t the strongest out of your party, he’s certainly one worth keeping around. There’s a similar character found at many best au online casinos while playing online slots.


He may look like some sort of demonic biker gang member, yet Skeevers true form is actually that of a small child that lives inside an enormous shell. Once summoned he can use his shell to protect himself or even use it to create impenetrable shields for allies. What’s more, once summoned, his body expands making it possible for him to use his shield as a massive club.


This Demon has a rather strange appearance. Instead of having any kind of wings, he appears to float along above ground. Zephyrs abilities include using wind blades to cut through enemies, shoot gusts of wind to knock down opponents, and fly high up above the battlefield.


One of the first demon's soul remastered characters created, Chronos is the God of Time. Because of his power, his appearance changes depending on what time period he resides in. In times past he appeared as a golden warrior wearing a horned helmet. Today, he looks similar, except for the colour scheme: he now sports blue armour with red trimming on the shoulders and legs. His weapon of choice is a scythe; despite its simplicity, it’s incredibly effective if used effectively.


In Cerberus, we get to see a very different side to the demon lord Cerberus. For starters, he no longer bears two heads but instead appears to have four. But he still keeps his iconic appearance which includes a collar made of spikes protruding from his neck and a set of large fangs below his muzzle. Cerberus’ signature move is his incredible speed thanks to the horns on his head enabling him to run across the ground faster than any human could manage.

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