Wednesday, November 3

WorthIt - Guides [ Alpha ] - Gold Making Tools / Utility Addon

I have been working on a nice little project for you all. When I was scrolling through the internet last year, a thought came to me, why don't we have Gold Guides in game?

This would surly be more helpful when making gold So after doing some brain storming and a year of procrastination... I Did It.

By gathering up all of my guides I have written over the years. I compiled them into an in game addon for gold guides. With basic guides for beginners, Intermediate Guides for long time gold makers and also some of my TSM strings. we now have an in game gold making guide addon, Which is now on Curseforge, Amply named, WorthIt Guides... Original, I Know. :D

Additional Information:

However, this is not complete. One Gold Makers methods and tactics are not the be all or end all of gold making. As some gold makers have differing views on making gold And as such, I would to turn this into a community project.

The idea is to compile all submitted gold guides from gold makers in the community And as such make a compendium of gold making tactics and guides, to make gold now and into the future. This can be done by simply DMing me and your username will be placed in that guide as a credit. Which leads me onto the other features.

Moving Forward: As for next week I will be looking at adding profession levelling into the addon And also looking at adding a Library of Importable Routes that anyone can submit aswell.

Summery: As it stands you are able to download the addon now on Curseforge. This is currently put down as an Alpha, as this is far from being complete. However, I'm really excited to get to work on this addon.

If you have an thoughts or feedback then I can either reply hear, youtube or discord, I don't mind. :D

Addon Overview:

Addon [Alpha]:

Happy Gold Making,

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