These are not the same spells as the class spells but they do the same thing, the buffs lasts until death regardless of what content you do.
Shadowform: 10% Damage/Healing and 10% Physical Damage reduction
Demon Armor: 15% Health, 275% Armor

This only works with the weird way Adaptive Swarm works so it only affects Necrolord Druids, and the reason why so few people have been affected by this is because Necrolord Druids are non-existant
When Adaptive Swarm runs out, it will jump to either a Foe or a Friend, this will work better with the Covenant Legendary

  1. Enter Comp Stomp
  2. Find the Shadow Priest or Warlock
  3. Cast Adaptive Swarm on the Priest or Warlock and kill them before the duration runs out
  4. The next time they respawn, they will rebuff themselves and there is a 50% chance that for whatever reason, their buff jumps to you. Distance to them doesnt seem to matter.

NOTE: While I figured out how to reproduce this, I didnt experiment with it myself, for reasons i cant go Necrolord right now.

This works with more buffs but every other aura is temporary so theres no big point. And Im not 100% sure but I believe this only works if the NPC casts the buff on the same server tick they respawn.
This might also work in Island Expeditions if there is a buff in there that matches the conditions for this to occur, I also dont know if this would work on any normal NPCs.

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