Hey, so during the Brewfest holiday, you earn “Prize tokens” that can be used to purchase various toys, transmogs, pets, items, and heirloom upgrades.

Unfortunately, due to how the event works, the amount of tokens you can earn per day is limited to the 2 dailies + the Direbrew dungeon.

Because of this, if you wanted to farm out ALL the things you can obtain from Brewfest, it would take you several years to get the required amount of tokens (unless you used all 50 alts).

Fortunately, there is a “workaround” that allows you to get around this limit and farm all the Tokens you need within the two weeks on a single character.

Here is an “unlimited” prize token farm that is not daily capped:

Step 1: Complete the quest “Now This is Ram Racing...Almost.”
Now This is Ram Racing... Almost. - Quest - TBC Classic

Step 2: Pick up the next quest, “There and Back Again.” For the farm to work, you CANNOT complete this quest. If you’ve already done it, use a different alt.
There and Back Again - Quest - World of Warcraft

Now, we’re ready for the farm.

I’m going to explain how the quest works. After getting the quest, you’ll be able to pick up “kegs” of brew at a designated NPC (Kharanos for Alliance, and Bladefist Bay for Horde).
You then need to turn in 3 kegs to complete the quest. Turning in these kegs does NOT give you any Brewfest Tokens.

However, by abandoning the quest after you pick up the keg, you can still turn in the keg, as it remains in your inventory, and receive 2 Tokens for it.

Step 3: Pick up keg at the spot you pick up kegs for the quest.
Step 4: Abandon the quest as you’re traveling back. You can pretty much abandon it at ANY time after you pick up the keg, but NOT before turning it in. No need to “time your abandon.”
Step 5: Turn in keg.
Step 6: Pick up quest again, and repeat.

You’re essentially doing the “Brewfest ram run” daily, but an unlimited number of times per day.

You can reliably farm 2 Tokens every minute with this method (people who REALLY know how to do the Brewfest run can prob shorten it to 45-50 seconds).

2 Tokens / minute
120 Tokens / Hour
Assume you farm this for 24 hours in total:
2880 tokens farmed! This covers pretty much all the Brewfest items, and then some to get the Heirloom stuff.

24 hours seems like a commitment, but as Brewfest is active for 2 weeks (14 days from now, it will end) you can achieve this 24 hour mark just by doing it for 1-2 hours per day.

Disclaimer: Farming Tokens on 50 alts is probably more efficient than doing this. This assumes you only have 1 character, as there are many “once per character” Brewfest quests that give tokens at a better “token / time” rate.

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