Thursday, March 3

WoW Seemingly Falls Short Once More

The start of the year has been filled with some exciting releases across a number of different genres – a new MMORPG for the west in the form of Lost Ark which had already found success in the east, a new open world RPG with Elden Ring as the long anticipated next entry into the Soulsborne series has landed very well, and even expansions into more casual gaming types like those found here as operators expanded selections with changing legislation online. For World of Warcraft players, the excitement came with the promise of a new patch, and with that a new raid too, but for some the passions have since fallen flat.

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For the big content creators that have built their channels around World of Warcraft content, whether as a more casual player or as one of the world first progressors, it has come as something as a disappointment – one of the more outspoken names is certainly Asmongold, having tried to run the raid with a pug group as he has done for many raids in the past, this had been one that was met with greater difficulty than those before, and with his own experiences with the previously mentioned games particularly Lost Ark which has brought plenty of excitement, had went on to say that WoW doesn’t feel as satisfying to play.

For others, like Max, now part of the Liquid network looking to find another World First kill for the raid is on the other side of the fence in some regards, but still has some trepidations – his recent tweets have suggested that the raid tier itself feels very good although as with any Mythic release week is still concerned about the team getting tuning right and having one guild fall way behind after making up a lead because of these tuning problems. He has also said in the past that after his own experiences with competing FFXIV and recently Lost Ark, that raid encounters in WoW could use some work.

Mythic release is just around the corner though and there’s still the chance for opinions to change, fans will hope the RWF will be longer than a week long somewhat disenchanting experience but the players may hope for it to be over quickly if tuning is done correctly – either way, as player numbers continue to drop and competition step up their own efforts, many are of the belief that World of Warcraft is still falling short of the mark.

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