Gaming is fun if you’re playing the right games, and World of Warcraft is the game to play. It’s one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world.

That’s why we’ve decided to speak to you a little more about boosts and the main reasons you should get them. So, let’s dive into different types of boosts and the benefits of getting this type of service.

What Is a Boost?

A boost is an opportunity to get better at something in a relatively short time. There are tons of ways to boost something or someone. Even when you make someone smile in real life, you give them an energy boost.

However, in games, boosting means that you get your character to another level in one aspect or more. Most role-playing games have the leveling feature and you get stronger by getting experience.

Another way to get strong in World of Warcraft is by crafting or getting the right gear. When you combine the gear, the level, and the skill you’ve acquired by building up to that strength, your character becomes incredibly strong. A boost means that you get to that point faster.

Which Types of WoW Boosts Are There?

There’s another type of boost, an in-game boost that gives you an advantage during a duel, in the arena, or while you’re fighting NPCs. These boosts are quite different, and there are two basic types, the character boost, and the gear boost.

Character Level Boost

The first type of boost is the basic character level boost. A boost that gets your character to level 60 is something that you can get from the shop in the game. There’s a possibility in the Services menu.

The boost gets you to level 60, but it also gives you the gear appropriate to that level. Granted, you won’t get the best possible gear, but you will get something to help you start. Because this is an in-game service, the cost is around $60.

Gear Boost

Now, this is an entirely different type of boost. A gear boost gets you the highest-level gear for your character. These are called “carries” because a group of players carries you through an instance or dungeon to get you the gear.

You get the gear level depending on the type of boost you pay for. For instance, if you get the Sepulcher of the First Ones heroic boost, you’ll get a chance to win item level 226 gear. There’s a possibility to get some unique items too.

Reasons to Get a Boost

There are four great reasons you should consider boosting your character in WoW. You can skip the boring part and jump right into the fun PvP (Player vs Player) part of the game, get a chance to learn something, reduce the stress, and get a chance to get unique items.

Getting to the Fun Part Immediately

When you think about the beginning of your character, you can remember the first time you’ve played WoW. It was probably great when you did it once, but the second time you did it was just exhausting because you’ve already beat the quests and everything.

So, when boosting your character, you get to skip to the part where you can fight other players and do the really fun things in the game like collect mounts and go on raids. Plus, you can get into adjusting the talents for your character.

Getting a Chance to Learn

Apart from going all-in on the fun part of the game, you get a chance to learn. This means that when someone is boosting your character, you can be there watching it as it happens and learn a few things along the way.

The best part about most boosting services is that they offer services to teach you how to play. Not only do you get the best possible gear for your character, but you also get the best possible skills. This is what all gamers aspire to, to become so good that they’re unstoppable.

No Regret

Another great reason you should consider boosting your character is the fact that you won’t be spending so much time getting to that level, gear, and skill. When you get a boosting service to bring your character up to speed, you have no regrets.

First, you don’t spend so much time in front of the screen doing boring stuff. Second, you can avoid blaming the game when you’re not doing something great out there in the real world. Third, you get to be there for real events while someone is boosting your character.

Finally, once you return to World of Warcraft, you’ll be past all those boring first quests and side quests. You can get right into PvP and other types of adventurous things. Gear yourself up and enjoy the game.

Unique Items

Finally, the best reason you can get a boost is the fact that you’ll get a chance to get one of those unique items from the raids. In the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid loot, there’s a chance for you to get a 233 item level dagger.

However, there’s also a chance for you to get a legendary mount and more pieces of equipment in terms of armor and weapons. This is what a Sepulcher of the First Ones heroic boost can bring you.

Which Boost Do You Need?

Now, the only thing left to do is decide which type of boost you need. Boosting your character to the maximum level is something you can opt for when you want to explore the game and see which type of gear you want to build for yourself.

However, when you do a carry where you can get the most unique gear pieces, you can rest assured that your character is going to be one of the stronger ones. The only thing you need to do in that case is explore the possibilities in terms of talents and skills.


We’ve discussed the two essential types of boosts, the level boost, and gear boost. You can get either one depending on your needs. Just remember, a level boost is an in-game option, and the gear boost is something you need to hire a pro service for.

Either way, you won’t be making a mistake because if you want to enjoy the fun experiences in the game, you need to level up, and if you want to avoid exhausting hours of gameplay, a click of a button will get you there. However, if you want to level the playing field, you should consider a gear boost.

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