Friday, July 1

Warcraft Gold can be used in Diablo Immortal!

This is mostly a heads up as with the launch of Diablo Immortal on PC today we got our confirmation that Battlenet balance, and such wow gold via tokens can be used.

This will most probably increase the value of the token, as players cash out gold to balance to spend in Diablo Immortal.

Don't get baited in spending real money in Diablo immortal. It's only relevant if you want to compete with the hardcore ladder gamers.

So far i bought the 1 dollar pack for a flaming sword, and i could be convinced to buy a 5 dollar battlepass for the skins.

However i agree that going beyond that is a total black hole, i did the same in genshin impact where i bought the "moon pass" or whatever for 5 euro per month.

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