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5 Interesting Facts about the World of Warcraft Players

World of Warcraft (wow) is one of the most successful games of all time and has become a defining factor for an entire generation, making its mark on history while creating a history entirely of its own.

In 2004, Blizzard Entertainment released World of Warcraft. Players from all over the world can compete against each other in this game and interact with one another in a virtual world. As of 2022, World of Warcraft has over 10 million active players and is one of the most popular online games in the world.

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In this article, we will discuss some of the interesting facts about World of Warcraft players.

The Average Age of a WoW Player Is 28

Given that World of Warcraft is relatively old and one of the most complex games ever, it is no surprise that teenagers are not its target audience. However, it is interesting to note that the average age of female players (32.5 years old) is higher than that of male players (28 years old).

84% Of Players Are Male

Although women have played video games for decades and the gender gap in gameplay has narrowed considerably over time, a gender imbalance persists—especially in games like World of Warcraft.

The Average World of Warcraft Player Spends 22.7 Hours In-Game Per Week

Many current World of Warcraft players only occasionally engage in the game, and others play much more often. However, players spend more time playing World of Warcraft than working part-time, which is significant even by the industry’s standards.

The average player spends around 8.45 hours per week playing video games, including those on mobile devices. World of Warcraft could be roughly 2.5 times more addictive than the average video game.

3% of World of Warcraft players develop an addiction to the game

It should be noted that the majority of people who play World of Warcraft are highly-engaged players, and only a small percentage develop an actual addiction.

For something to be considered an addiction, it must meet specific criteria. For example, an addiction would need to cause withdrawal symptoms, lead you to tolerate the behaviour (such as gaming or gambling), and negatively impact all spheres of your life.

The humans and night-elves are the most commonly chosen races in World of Warcraft

Both races have approximately 23% of World of Warcraft subscribers, selecting them as avatars. In terms of popularity, the undead comes next (14%), followed by the tauren (10%) and dwarves (9%). The least popular creatures in World of Warcraft are trolls (7%) and gnomes (7%).

Final Thoughts

All the new expansions, esports competitions and the passage of time have dramatically affected the World of Warcraft player count. We can’t predict the future, but we hope that WoW players will continue to enjoy this game even if free-2-play massively multiplayer online games become increasingly popular.

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