Thursday, August 18

Rogue Exploit Guide - Shadowlands 9.2.5/9.2.7

Hey all! Back with another video here. Showing 1 Gamebreaking rogue exploit, 2 Significant exploits, and 2 fun mechanical ways to abuse some rogue abilities. Due to the amount of content in this video I won't be doing a full text guide as I usually would. If someone would be interested in that, please let me know and I'll get it done.


Shadowy Duel Exploit: Allows you to Sap people that would otherwise be in combat.
Shot in the Dark Exploit: Allows you to take a 2nd talent in a subtlety rogue row for Arenas.
Shadowstrike Exploit: Allows you to enter the Wintergrasp Fortress early on Offense and explained how that can be exploited for more-likely victories on Offense.

Mechanical Ability Abuses:

Shadowstep Abuse: Get into the enemies graveyard in Silvershard Mines (usually inaccessible) and deny the enemy team from leaving.
Sap Trolling: Just a clever way to troll / mess with people on the enemy team in Battlegrounds to get them kicked.


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