Friday, November 11

Conversion of shadowlands currencies into gold

Heyo people as we approach Dragonflights release i wanted to list all the possible ways you can turn your Sl currency into gold. Note that this is just a pure conversion and i will not be including AH sale prices so your mileage may wary depending on that.

Sorry for the formatting not used to doing this sort of list

Cataloged Research: Cloak of the Korthian Scholar is sold in Korthia by Archivist Roh-Suir for 500 Research and sells back for 46g it is the only item that can be sold back for more than 10g.

Cosmic Flux: Cannot be turned into gold on its own, however you can turn it into Soul Ash and Soul Cinders which can be turned into "gold" in Zereth Mortis through Bag of Explored Souls.

Cyphers of the First Ones: If you have completed the side quest Jiro to Hero which is unlocked through Altonian Understanding for Pocopoc, Olea Manu will sell Olea Cache for 700 Cyphers it contain about 250-350g and sometimes a Essentia.

Grateful Offering: Unfortunately Grateful Offerings also requires Anima and there is a better conversion for that on top of all the items cannot be sold back to the vendor for gold so i would suggest using them on minipets like Trootie or Jiggles with Pet Tokens as well and then sell them on the AH.

Infused Ruby: While you can only carry 100 at a time Deadfoot in Revendreth sells Boots that can be sold back for 7.8g for 10 rubies or the Grey boots Crumbling Plate Warboots which is sold back for 15g and costs 5 rubies.

Anima: The best conversion that i know of is completing the Cov campain to unlock either the Epic Chest or Legs then buying those for 250 anima and selling them back for 80g its a 30% conversion but if you have a lot saved up anyway its better than nothing.

Soul Cinders: Unforunately Soul Cinders cannot be turned into raw gold, as its only used to send to alts or to make legendaries.

Stygia: Stygia can be converted with either buying a Recipe: Crafter's Mark II/Soulfire Chisel and waiting the 2 hours to sell back for 12g or buying the Boa Korthia Armaments opening them and selling them back to the vendor.

Stygian Embers: Unfortunately these are only used to upgrade the Dominance gems from Sanctum.

Valor: Valor can be used to buy Crafting mats in Oribus 750 Valor for either 10 Lightless Silk, 10 Elethium Ore, or 10 Heavy Callous Hide Vendor

Soul Ash: Saved the best one for last, Soul Ash can only be turned into gold if you like pure suffering, in Oribus you can find Griftah he sells the Torghast Ash Globe for 1 Soul Ash and you can sell it back to him for 1 Copper the item is unique so it would take a very very very long time to convert all of your soul ash into gold and its up to you if you think its worth the effort.

That is all the conversions that i found i hope you liked the list and found a use for it if not, well i tried.

Not sure which Flair to use so if any mods see it and wants to change it go ham.

Couple of small Edits from my own incompetence: Cloak of the Korthian Scholar can only be bought once and no more.

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