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PvE guide to the Priest "Darkness" in WoW Shadowlands 9.2.5

In the Shadowlands prepatch, the "Darkness" specialization has been completely redesigned. Unique variants have appeared in the talent tree, and the effects of periodic damage are being actively used again in rotation. The cooldown of the Appearance of the Abyss is now 1.5 minutes. This ability significantly increases outgoing damage and makes it possible to control it better. At first glance, the rotation of a priest with the specialization "Darkness" seems simple, but in real conditions it can be very difficult to perform it.

1. The main changes of the Priest of Darkness in Shadowlands.
"Darkness" has received new talents, the mechanics of the Shape of the Abyss has changed again, and the old abilities have returned to the game in a new, improved form. If you like specializations with periodic effects, "Darkness" will definitely not disappoint you!

2. Advantages and disadvantages.

  • Great single-target damage, flexible AoE damage
  • Good damage in the execution phase if you have special talents.
  • Excellent self-healing due to the Touch of a vampire and an All-devouring plague, with the appearance of additional goals, the effectiveness increases.
  • Situational benefits for the group from Embracing a vampire and Giving strength
  • Excellent talents that allow you to adapt to any situation
  • Valuable complete bonuses (Darkened Consciousness, Living Shadow)

  • Managing the effects of periodic damage is a time-consuming process that takes away global cooldowns.
  • In some battles, cooldowns do not match the timers of bosses.
  • On the move, the damage weakens, movement needs to be planned in advance.
  • A large number of abilities and talents leads novice players to confusion.
  • If there is a Memory of Unity, the only competitive covenant is the necrolords.

3. SHP Talents in Shadowlands 9.2:
One goal
Level 15: Solid Mind
Level 25: Body and Soul
Level 30: The Whims of Fate
Level 35: The Last Word or Deep Horror
Level 40: Benevolent Spirits
Level 45: Curse or Mind Subduer (only with the Prism of the Flame of Darkness)
Level 50: The Hungry Abyss

Multiple goals:
The build is intended for fights with multiple targets that appear periodically or are constantly present. The build can also be used in dynamic battles with a large number of dashes.

Level 15: Solid Mind
Level 25: Body and Soul
Level 30: Whims of Fate or Suffering
Level 35: The Last Word or Deep Horror
Level 40: Benevolent Spirits or Dark Crush
Level 45: Curse or Mind-Subduer
Level 50: The Hungry Abyss

The choice of a level 50 talent depends on the specifics of the battle (see below). The mind subjugator is usually used in combination with the Prism of the Flame of Darkness.

Epochal Dungeons

Level 15: Death and Madness (universal option) or Solid Mind (one goal)
Level 25: Body and Soul
Level 30: Searing Nightmare or Suffering
Level 35: The Last Word or Deep Horror
Level 40: Benevolent Spirits, Soul Connection, or Dark Contrition
Level 45: Mind Subduer or Curse
Level 50: Ancient Madness or the Hungry Abyss

The mind subjugator is usually used in combination with the Prism of the Flame of Darkness. Soul Connection is used only in combination with the Talbadar Stratagem and only in the Theater of Pain/Spires of Rebirth with keys fortified weeks. In general, the choice of talents for epochal dungeons depends heavily on the week and the type of damage your group needs. If you are interested in details, read the relevant section.

By default, we recommend that you use the Hungry Abyss or Ancient Madness in epochal dungeons if you need explosive damage. Also, Ancient madness is suitable for playing in a group with a tank that prefers to collect large packs.

Solo content:

This build is well suited for completing tasks and completing dungeons.

Level 15: Death and Madness
Level 25: Body and Soul
Level 30: Suffering
Level 35: Deep Horror
Level 40: Dark Crush
Level 45: Curse or Mind-Subduer
Level 50: undefined

Some talents significantly affect the rotation and priority of abilities in certain situations.

The best guides for a priest with a specialization in "Darkness".

Conductors are divided into three categories depending on the effects they provide. Below we present the ratings of conductors in different categories. Recommendations depend on the type of content you are mastering.

Power Conductors: Discordant echoes and haunting ghosts. Frenzied shadows are best combined with the Prism of the Flame of Darkness and/or the Mind Eater.
Precision Guides: The choice of a guide from this category depends on the personal preferences of the player. Mental recovery is great for mastering single content.
Endurance Guides: A transparent image is used in combat, the mechanics of which imply the use of Going into the shade as a protective cooldown. If you have another Endurance Explorer slot, use the Concentrated Anima Sphere.

As the first conductor of force for raids, we recommend choosing Haunting ghosts, and as the second - a Discordant echo. The same guide is suitable for passing epochal dungeons. If you don't have a second power conductor slot yet, use a Discordant Echo. If you have a third power conductor slot, choose the option according to the recommendations below, given the legendary effect used:

The prism of the flame of Darkness - Furious shadows
Kirishi - Brave Rebirth
Deathly Order - Mind Eater
Talbadar's Stratagem (not Kiri) - Mind Eater

We have divided all anima forces into categories (types) depending on their strength. Remember that the estimates are approximate, and do not be afraid to experiment.

Dash S: The best anima powers, work well in almost any situation.
Shooting Gallery A: not bad forces, work well in certain situations or in combinations with other forces.
Shooting Range B: medium strength, have a narrow scope of application.
Shooting Gallery S: unsuccessful forces that do not bring any benefit.

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