Gnomeregan is a dungeon located in the kingdom of Khaz Modan, within the world of Warcraft. It is the capital city of the gnomes, a technologically advanced race of small, inventive humanoids. The city of Gnomeregan was once a thriving metropolis, but it has since been lost to the evil troggs, a barbaric and primitive race of creatures.

The story of Gnomeregan begins with the rise of High Tinker Mekkatorque, the leader of the gnomes. Under his guidance, the gnomes prospered and their city flourished. However, Mekkatorque made a grave mistake when he allowed a group of troggs, who had been driven underground by the dwarves, to take refuge in Gnomeregan.

The troggs, who had been mutated by the radiation of an ancient titan facility, soon turned on the gnomes and began to wreak havoc on the city. In a desperate attempt to save his people, Mekkatorque ordered the use of a toxic chemical called the leper gnome bomb, which was meant to drive the troggs out of the city. Unfortunately, the bomb had unforeseen consequences, causing the majority of the gnomes to become mutated and leper-like.

The surviving gnomes were forced to flee their beloved city, seeking refuge in the nearby dwarven kingdom of Ironforge. Mekkatorque, feeling responsible for the disaster, vowed to reclaim Gnomeregan and restore it to its former glory.

To this end, he formed the Explorers' League, a group of brave adventurers who would delve into the depths of Gnomeregan and clear it of the remaining troggs. Over the years, many heroes have braved the dangers of Gnomeregan and fought to reclaim the city, but the troggs remain a formidable enemy.

Despite the challenges, the gnomes remain determined to reclaim their city and restore it to its former glory. The memory of Gnomeregan serves as a source of inspiration for the gnomes, fueling their determination and ingenuity.

Today, Gnomeregan stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of the gnomes, and serves as a reminder of the consequences of recklessness and shortsightedness. It is a place of danger and adventure, but also of hope and redemption.

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