oduction: The Violet Eye is a secretive faction in World of Warcraft focused on monitoring the activities of Medivh, the last Guardian of Tirisfal. This organization is based in the iconic Karazhan, a popular raid dungeon. Earning Exalted reputation with the Violet Eye can grant you access to valuable rewards and gear. In this guide, we'll walk you through the necessary steps to reach Exalted status with the Violet Eye.

  1. Accessing Karazhan: To begin your journey, you must first gain access to Karazhan. To do so, complete the attunement quest chain, which begins with Archmage Alturus outside the tower. This chain consists of several quests that culminate in "The Master's Key" quest, granting you entry to the raid.
  2. Clearing Karazhan: Clear Karazhan's bosses to earn reputation points with the Violet Eye. Each boss awards a specific amount of reputation:
  • Attumen the Huntsman: 250 reputation points
  • Moroes: 250 reputation points
  • Maiden of Virtue: 250 reputation points
  • Opera Event: 250 reputation points
  • The Curator: 250 reputation points
  • Terestian Illhoof: 250 reputation points
  • Shade of Aran: 250 reputation points
  • Netherspite: 250 reputation points
  • Chess Event: 250 reputation points
  • Prince Malchezaar: 500 reputation points

In total, clearing Karazhan awards 2,750 reputation points per week.

  1. Quests for Additional Reputation: Outside of raiding Karazhan, you can complete various quests to earn more reputation points. Some of these quests are repeatable, while others are one-time completions:
  • Arcane Disturbances (One-time quest): 250 reputation points
  • Restless Activity (One-time quest): 250 reputation points
  • Medivh's Journal (Repeatable quest): 250 reputation points
  • The Master's Terrace (Repeatable quest): 250 reputation points
  • Digging Up the Past (Repeatable quest): 250 reputation points
  • In Good Hands (Repeatable quest): 250 reputation points
  • The Librarians (Repeatable quest): 250 reputation points
  1. Reputation Farming Tips: To maximize your reputation gains, follow these tips:
  • Clear Karazhan weekly for consistent reputation gains.
  • Complete all one-time quests for a quick reputation boost.
  • Focus on the repeatable quests to steadily increase your reputation over time.
  • If possible, form a group to tackle the repeatable quests more efficiently.
  1. Rewards for Exalted Reputation: Once you've reached Exalted status with the Violet Eye, you can obtain various rewards, including:
  • Inscription of Endurance: A shoulder enchant that increases Stamina and Arcane resistance.
  • Violet Signet: A powerful ring that grants unique bonuses based on your class and role.
  • Formula: Enchant Ring - Striking: A recipe for enchanting rings to increase melee and ranged attack power.

Conclusion: Reaching Exalted reputation with the Violet Eye requires dedication and persistence. By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to enjoying the rewards and benefits that come with Exalted status. Happy raiding!


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