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World of Warcraft (WoW) is preparing to release Patch 10.1.5, also known as "Fractures in Time,"  introducing a number of interesting features to the Dragonflight storyline. One of the key elements of this patch is the introduction of alternate timeline versions of significant characters from the game's history, offering players a glimpse of alternate realities of Azeroth​​.

In these new quests, players will have the opportunity to slip into different timelines where WoW's history has played out in unique ways. Datamining of the recent PTR builds has revealed some of the NPCs that players will encounter in these Time Rifts. For instance, in one timeline, Vereesa Windrunner has taken on the role of the Banshee Queen instead of her sister Sylvanas, and Uther the Lightbringer appears as a Death Knight known as the Deathbringer. These characters appear in an Undead Scourge-controlled version of Azeroth referred to as Azmourne​​.

Aside from Azmourne, six other major alternate realities will be available for players to explore in the Time Rifts:

  1. Azewrath: A reality in which the Burning Legion has successfully subjugated Azeroth.
  2. Azmerloth: A continuation of the humorous Murloc-infested world from the Thaldraszus story in Dragonflight.
  3. A.Z.E.R.O.T.H.: A world where King Mechagon's mission to reverse the Curse of Flesh has gone global.
  4. Azq'roth: A timeline where the Old Gods have taken over and restarted the Black Empire.
  5. Ulderoth: A world fully controlled by Planetary Overseer Freya on behalf of the Titans.
  6. The Warlands: An Azeroth embroiled in a pitched conflict between the Great Glorious Alliance and the Blood Horde, where everyone sports an eyepatch​​.

The patch also involves the conflict between the Bronze and Infinite Dragonflights as the latter attempts to fracture the timeline in the "Dawn of the Infinite" megadungeon​​.

In addition to these timeline variations, WoW is also introducing unexpected customization options for Dragonriding drakes in this patch. Players will be able to customize their mounts with a variety of highly-desired cosmetics, potentially hinting at further developments in the Dragonflight story​​. This includes customization options inspired by the Infinite Dragonflight, with scale, horn, skin, fur, and eye colors in the same black and blue pattern used by these antagonists. The methods for unlocking these options are currently unknown but are likely to be either as a drop from the "Dawn of the Infinite" dungeon in Dragonflight or as a reward from time-twisting repeatable quests from Eon's Fringe​​.

While the patch does not have a firm release date as of yet, it is expected to be rolled out in the coming months​.

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