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World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.5: Dragonflight Introduces New Dragonriding Customizations


World of Warcraft (WoW) is about to introduce an exciting array of customization options for Dragonriding drakes in the upcoming Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5. This novel feature will enable WoW players to adorn their mounts with coveted cosmetics, while simultaneously hinting at an intriguing evolution in the Dragonflight storyline​.

Currently, the Dragonflight team is working on Patch 10.1.5, titled "Fractures in Time", parts of which are accessible for exploration on the Public Test Realm. The patch centers around the conflict between the Bronze and Infinite Dragonflights. The latter faction is striving to shatter the timeline within the "Dawn of the Infinite" megadungeon​​.

Interestingly, the WoW community may soon have the chance to acquire Dragonriding drake customizations inspired by these very adversaries. In a recent build of the Patch 10.1.5 PTR, players have unearthed scale, horn, skin, fur, and eye colors that mirror the black and blue pattern emblematic of the Infinite Dragonflight. The specifics of how players can unlock these customizations are still up in the air, but it's speculated that they could be obtained as a drop from the "Dawn of the Infinite" dungeon in Dragonflight, or as a reward from the time-bending repeatable quests from Eon's Fringe featured in "Fractures in Time"​​.

The introduction of these new customization options could signify a significant shift for the Infinite Dragonflight. Historically, this faction has been antagonistic. However, there's a segment of the narrative in Thaldraszus where the Bronze and Infinite Dragonflights join forces. Given that these two conflicting factions comprise the same individuals but from different epochs, it's conceivable that these cosmetics could serve as rewards tied to their attempts to reconcile their differences​​.

Of course, it's also plausible that these new Dragonriding drake customizations are merely aesthetic enhancements designed to allow players to stylize their mounts. Ever since their debut, the distinctive scale patterns of the Infinite Dragonflight have struck a chord with players due to their uniqueness and intrigue, leading many to eagerly anticipate the opportunity to embellish their mounts in similar fashion. Consequently, the prospect of these cosmetics being added to the game has generated palpable excitement among players​.

Fans of Dragonriding in Dragonflight can breathe a sigh of relief, as the dynamic flying system is slated to be extended to the remainder of the game in the near future. WoW aims to have the system fully operational before the conclusion of Dragonflight, but players can anticipate an initial taste of it when the Kalimdor Cup racing event is introduced to the old world in Patch 10.1.5​​.

World of Warcraft, including its latest updates and expansions, is currently available for play on PC​​. As the Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 rollout approaches, players can look forward to not only thrilling new gameplay experiences but also greater opportunities to customize and enhance their in-game personas.

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