As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the next World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion, rumors have been swirling about its possible theme. Recently, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra took to social media to debunk the theory that the next expansion would be pirate-themed. However, the WoW community remains skeptical, given the company's history of misleading statements. Here's a closer look at the ongoing speculation and why fans are questioning Ybarra's comments.

The Rumor Mill

With WoW's current expansion, Dragonflight, over halfway through its lifespan and BlizzCon just around the corner, speculation about the next expansion has intensified. One popular theory suggests a seafaring expansion, fueled by in-game lore about lost continents and pirate fleets. The theory gained further traction when fans noticed several waterborne exploration-themed items in the WoW cash shop.

Mike Ybarra's Response

WoW fan and content creator Mr. Dave was among those discussing the pirate-themed expansion theory on Twitter. Ybarra chimed in on the conversation with a succinct "No pirates," seemingly putting an end to the rumor. However, fans are not so easily convinced.

Why Fans Are Skeptical

Ybarra's comment, while straightforward, is not taken as definitive by the WoW community. In the past, WoW developers have used misleading statements to preserve secrets. For example, during the Battle for Azeroth expansion, they insisted there were "no Old Gods in BFA," only for Old Gods to play a significant role later on. This history of ambiguous statements has led fans to question Ybarra's denial.

Loopholes and Possibilities

Many fans point out that Ybarra's "No pirates" comment doesn't necessarily rule out a seafaring expansion. The idea of an adventure to an unknown continent is still very much on the table. Additionally, even if the expansion isn't pirate-themed, the inclusion of a pirate character somewhere in the storyline is still a possibility.

What's Next?

All eyes are now on BlizzCon, which starts on November 3. It is widely expected that the next WoW expansion will be announced at the convention. Regardless of its theme, fans are eager to see what lessons Blizzard has learned from Dragonflight and how they plan to maintain the game's momentum.


While Mike Ybarra's comment aimed to quash rumors of a pirate-themed WoW expansion, the gaming community remains skeptical. Given Blizzard's history of misleading statements and the upcoming BlizzCon, it seems fans will have to wait a little longer for definitive answers. Until then, the rumor mill continues to churn.

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