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The Pandaren Paradox: WoW Players Discuss Customization Options for the Game's Quirkiest Race


World of Warcraft (WoW) is a game that has seen numerous races, each with its own unique lore and characteristics. However, among all the races, the Pandaren stand out as the most unconventional. Introduced in the "Mists of Pandaria" expansion in 2012, the Pandaren, a blend of panda and humanoid, have always been a topic of debate among players. While their storylines can be intense and engaging, their appearance often leans towards the comical side.

The Pandaren Dilemma

The Pandaren, with their cartoonish faces and ever-present grins, have been described as inherently silly to look at. This is especially jarring when compared to the other races in WoW, many of which have a more serious or heroic demeanor. A recent post on the WoW subreddit saw players discussing potential visual updates for the Pandaren. The consensus? The Pandaren need more customization options, akin to what other races have received.

Kyber99, the original poster of the thread, pointed out, “The artwork for the Pandaren is cool, but the designs in-game are very goofy.” The call was for more "serious, heroic customizations" that align with the concept art.

The Need for a Visual Update

While WoW's graphics have always had a cartoony flair, the Pandaren seem to take it a notch higher. Their design leans more towards their panda heritage than their humanoid side. This has led to some players feeling that the Pandaren models look less serious than other races in the game.

Snukb, a WoW player, commented, “Pandaren were once the pinnacle of slick model tech when they came out... Now they’re left in the dust. Even Worgen got rid of their permanent snarl when they got remodeled. I want no less for Pandaren.”

Pandaren Lore vs. Appearance

Delving into WoW's rich lore, the Pandaren are an intriguing race with a compelling backstory. The "Mists of Pandaria" leveling experience is often touted as one of the best in the game. Yet, the playful design of the Pandaren models doesn't quite match their profound lore.

Recent WoW expansions have seen other races receiving customization updates, including new facial features, hairstyles, piercings, tattoos, and more. However, the Pandaren still feel somewhat outdated. Some players have even suggested that male Pandaren should lose their characteristic "beer bellies" for a more imposing appearance.

A Hopeful Future for the Pandaren?

Given Blizzard's recent responsiveness to the WoW community, there's hope that if enough players voice their opinions, a visual update for the Pandaren might be on the horizon. While there are no official announcements regarding any panda-related updates, the community remains hopeful for changes in the upcoming WoW expansions.


The Pandaren, with their unique blend of humor and heroism, have always been a standout race in World of Warcraft. While their design might be a point of contention among players, their place in the game's lore is undeniable. As the WoW community continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how the Pandaren adapt and change with the times.

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