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Asmongold Reacts to World of Warcraft Community's Request to Ban Him from the Game


Popular Twitch streamer Zack "Asmongold" recently found himself at the center of a controversy within the "World of Warcraft" (WoW) community. On the launch day of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery, Asmongold decided to play on the RP-PvP server "Crusader Strike," leading to an unexpected backlash from the online community.

The Community's Request for a Ban

A player named "Leatherteeth" expressed their displeasure on the game's official forum, requesting that Asmongold, along with other streamers, be banned from the MMORPG. The complaint centered around the belief that these streamers deliberately rolled on the RP-PvP realm to flood it, lock it out, and prevent players who wanted to engage in RP-PvP from playing on the only available realm for this purpose.

The Forum Post

The post by Leatherteeth read: "Ban Asmongold: He, along with other streamers, deliberately rolled on the RP-PvP realm to flood it, lock it out, and prevent the players who want to RP-PvP from playing on the only RP-PvP realm. Blizzard, please open up a second RP-PvP realm. This is absurd, you knew this would happen, and you did nothing to prevent it. The streamers are going to ruin Crusader Strike."

Asmongold's Reaction

During a Twitch broadcast, Asmongold came across the "Ban Asmongold" thread and burst out laughing after reading the WoW community's complaints. Some players even claimed that he and other content creators "single-handedly ruined" the multiplayer game's launch. His reaction was one of amusement and disbelief at the accusations leveled against him.

The Streamer's Response

Asmongold mockingly said, "We're going to ruin the whole thing, guys. We're going to ruin it!" as he read through the responses under the thread. Many comments called the original poster "stupid," and Asmongold found humor in the situation, jokingly taking credit for the alleged disruption.

Fan Reactions

The YouTube comments section of the streamer's clip featured over 484 fan reactions. The general sentiment among viewers was a mix of amusement and support for Asmongold, with many finding the situation humorous and exaggerated.


The incident highlights the sometimes tense relationship between popular streamers and the gaming communities they are part of. While Asmongold's decision to play on the RP-PvP server "Crusader Strike" was met with criticism from some players, his reaction and the subsequent fan responses show that the situation was largely taken in stride. As WoW Classic's Season of Discovery continues, it remains a topic of discussion and entertainment in the community.

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