Friday, December 1

World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery Goes Live with New Realms and Features


"World of Warcraft Classic" has launched its much-anticipated Season of Discovery, offering players a fresh and unique experience in the beloved MMORPG. This new season introduces innovative quests, content, and the Rune engraving system, significantly enhancing the classic WoW gameplay.

Season of Discovery Highlights

New Quests and Content

  • The season brings an array of new quests and content, diverging from the traditional vanilla WoW experience.
  • Players can explore these additions, which offer a blend of nostalgia and novelty.

Rune Engraving System

  • A key feature of the season is the Rune engraving system.
  • This system allows players to customize their kits and unlock new class roles and abilities, some of which are unavailable even in the retail version of World of Warcraft.

Level Cap and Endgame Content

  • The initial level cap in the Season of Discovery is set at 25.
  • Subsequent patches will gradually increase the level cap to 60, introducing new endgame content at each stage.

Joining the Season of Discovery

New Realms

  • Players can join one of seven new realms, categorized into Normal, RP, PVP, and RPPVP.
  • These realms offer diverse experiences catering to different playstyles.

How to Play

  • Players need to download and update the desktop app.
  • Change the client to "World of Warcraft Classic" and install the game.
  • Select the Seasonal tab and choose from the available realms to create a character.

Expectations and Player Experience

Server Congestion and Stability

  • Due to high interest, players should anticipate long queue times, lag, and server instability in the initial days.
  • Blizzard is actively working to stabilize the realms for a smoother experience.

Exploring vs. Guided Gameplay

  • Players looking for an edge can refer to guides for information on available Runes for their class.
  • However, the season encourages exploration and discovery, inviting players to experience the content without prior knowledge.


World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery offers a refreshing take on the classic WoW formula, blending familiar elements with new innovations. Whether you're a veteran player or new to the game, this season promises an exciting journey filled with discovery and adventure. As the WoW community delves into these new realms, the spirit of exploration and the thrill of uncovering new content are sure to reignite the passion for this timeless MMORPG.

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