Monday, December 18

OnlyFangs Guild Achieves Remarkable Feat in WoW's Molten Core


In a stunning display of skill and coordination, the Hardcore WoW guild OnlyFangs, led by popular streamer Sodapoppin, has achieved a remarkable feat in the world of "World of Warcraft" (WoW) by clearing the Molten Core raid without a single death. This accomplishment comes amid a resurgence of interest in WoW, further fueled by the introduction of official permadeath servers and the release of the Season of Discovery.

The Renaissance of World of Warcraft

WoW is experiencing a renaissance, attracting both returning veterans and newcomers. The game's heightened interest is partly due to the challenging new modes like the official permadeath servers, which have added a fresh layer of excitement and danger to the already rich and complex world of Azeroth.

OnlyFangs' Impressive Achievement

OnlyFangs, formed by Sodapoppin and comprising other streamers and notable players, has capitalized on this renewed interest. The guild's recent success in the Molten Core raid, one of the game's most challenging content, is particularly noteworthy because they achieved it without losing a single guild member. This feat is a testament to their skill and teamwork, especially in the hardcore mode where the stakes are significantly higher.

The Battle Against Ragnaros

The guild's encounter with Ragnaros, the Fire Lord, was a highlight of their Molten Core raid. Notable streamers like Esfand, AnnieFuchsia, and Pokimane were part of this successful raid. Pokimane, in particular, faced several challenges during her Hardcore WoW journey, making the victory even more significant.

Controversy Surrounding Sodapoppin

Despite the guild's achievement, Sodapoppin has faced controversy for purchasing Hardcore WoW gold from third-party sellers. This action typically results in a lengthy ban, but in Sodapoppin's case, Blizzard chose only to remove the purchased currency from his inventory, sparing him from a harsher penalty.

The Broader WoW Landscape

This achievement by OnlyFangs highlights the diverse experiences available in WoW. Players can explore different aspects of the game, from the hardcore challenges of permadeath servers to the new adventures in the Season of Discovery. As the WoW community continues to grow and evolve, guilds like OnlyFangs are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the game, creating memorable moments and achievements in the process.


The success of OnlyFangs in WoW's Molten Core raid is a significant moment in the game's history, showcasing the high level of play and community engagement that continues to thrive within WoW. As the game enters this new era, it remains a vibrant and challenging world for both old fans and new players alike.

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