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WoW Players Advocate for 'Season of Discovery' to Emulate Old School RuneScape's Success

Blizzard's "World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery" has garnered significant success and acclaim, leading to a growing call among players for it to follow in the footsteps of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). This sentiment reflects a desire for a more permanent and evolving version of WoW that mirrors the successful model of OSRS.

The Appeal of Season of Discovery

"Season of Discovery" has been widely recognized as Blizzard’s foray into the realm of Classic+, offering new abilities, class roles, and experiences within the nostalgic world of Vanilla Azeroth. This innovative approach has reinvigorated the WoW community, drawing parallels to the evolution of Old School RuneScape.

Old School RuneScape: A Model for Success

Old School RuneScape began as a faithful replication of the original game, cherished by many for its nostalgic value. However, it has since evolved, adding new content and experiences while maintaining a close relationship with community feedback. This approach has led OSRS to surpass the popularity of the mainline RuneScape game, setting a precedent for how legacy MMOs can successfully evolve.

Community's Call for a Permanent WoW Classic+

Players of "Season of Discovery" are voicing their desire for Blizzard to adopt a similar approach to OSRS's development team. A Reddit post expressing a wish for "Season of Discovery" to transform into a version akin to OSRS garnered widespread agreement among players. Fans appreciate the concept of Classic+, seeing it as a way to keep the game fresh and engaging while preserving the essence of the original WoW experience.

The Future of Season of Discovery

The future of "Season of Discovery," particularly beyond its leveling phases up to level 60, remains uncertain. As a seasonal experience, there's a possibility that it might eventually conclude. However, given its evident popularity, it's hard to imagine Blizzard not considering a more permanent iteration. The community's support for a path similar to OSRS is strong, suggesting that there's significant backing for this direction as the game progresses through its phases.


The success of "World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery" and the community's response indicate a strong desire for a WoW experience that evolves and grows over time, similar to Old School RuneScape. This model not only preserves the nostalgia and original charm of the game but also introduces new dynamics and content to keep the experience fresh and engaging. As Blizzard navigates the future of WoW, the community's call for a Classic+ version akin to OSRS could very well shape the next chapter of this beloved MMORPG.

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