In an exciting development for the World of Warcraft (WoW) community, the game's developers have confirmed the return of 40-player raids in the upcoming final phase of the Season of Discovery. This announcement, revealed in an exclusive interview with Dexerto, featuring Lead Software Engineer Nora Valletta and Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield, has sparked anticipation and debate among players.

A Balancing Act Between Preferences

The WoW team acknowledges the diverse preferences within its player base, with some longing for the massive, coordinated efforts of 40-player raids, while others prefer the intimacy and accessibility of 10-player content. Josh Greenfield highlighted this division, stating, "There are a lot of folks who say, ‘I have this guild and there are six 10-player raid teams. I really just want 40 player raiding again.’ Then there’s a lot of people who say, ‘I really love 10-player raiding, and that’s what we want forever.’"

Catering to All Players

In response to these varied preferences, the WoW developers aim to strike a compromise that doesn't alienate any segment of their community. The plan is to reintroduce 40-player raids without removing or diminishing the existing formats that players have come to love. "What we’re trying to do is not take anything away from anyone," Greenfield explained, ensuring that the essence of 40-player raids will be preserved, albeit with potentially significant changes to mechanics to accommodate smaller groups.

The Final Phase of Season of Discovery

Details about the final phase of the Season of Discovery are scarce, but the stakes are expected to be higher than ever, with endgame content reaching its peak. The reintroduction of 40-player raids is a key feature of this phase, promising to bring back the epic scale of battles that many long-time players reminisce about. However, the developers are cautious, hinting at changes that will adapt these massive encounters to the modern WoW experience.

A Future Staple?

The successful implementation of revamped 40-player raids in the Season of Discovery could set a precedent for future expansions and events. If the developers manage to satisfy both camps of players—those yearning for the grandeur of large-scale raids and those who prefer smaller, more manageable groups—this feature could become a permanent fixture in the World of Warcraft universe.


The return of 40-player raids in World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery represents an ambitious attempt to bridge the gap between different player preferences while reviving a beloved aspect of the game's history. As the WoW community eagerly awaits the final phase of the season, the anticipation builds for how these large-scale encounters will be reimagined for today's players. The developers' commitment to inclusivity and innovation promises an exciting future for one of the most enduring MMORPGs.

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