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Guide: How to Get to Shattrath City in World of Warcraft


Shattrath City, a pivotal location in the World of Warcraft universe, holds a rich history and a unique position as the first true neutral city in the game. Introduced in the The Burning Crusade expansion, it is located on the continent of Outland and serves as a hub where both the Horde and Alliance factions can coexist peacefully. Despite being somewhat less frequented in current gameplay, Shattrath City remains a popular destination during certain seasonal events and for players revisiting old content. Here's your detailed guide on how to reach this legendary city.

Accessing Shattrath City for Alliance and Horde Players

Shattrath City is remarkably accessible thanks to the portal systems set up in the major cities of both factions:

  • Alliance Access: Alliance players can find the portal to Shattrath in the portal room of Stormwind City. It is conveniently located on the northern side, adjacent to the portal to the Caverns of Time. This makes it straightforward for Alliance players to jump quickly to Shattrath whenever needed.
  • Horde Access: For Horde players, the portal to Shattrath is situated in Orgrimmar, within the lower level of the Pathfinder’s Den. This portal provides an equally swift route for Horde members to reach Shattrath.

Traveling to Shattrath in WoW Classic

For players experiencing the game as it was in earlier versions via WoW Classic, reaching Shattrath involves a more adventurous route:

  1. Through the Dark Portal: Start your journey in the Blasted Lands and pass through the iconic Dark Portal to enter Outland.
  2. Traverse Hellfire Peninsula: Upon arriving in Outland, travel across the Hellfire Peninsula. This expansive zone will lead you directly to Terokkar Forest.
  3. Enter Terokkar Forest: Continue your journey through this zone until you reach Shattrath City nestled within.

Important NPCs and Activities in Shattrath City

Shattrath City is not just a hub for cross-faction harmony but also hosts important NPCs and activities, especially during specific events:

  • Cupri, the Timewalking Vendor: Cupri is an essential NPC for players looking to obtain strong gear for freshly max-leveled characters. You can purchase items for 25 Timewarped Badges each from Cupri.
  • Location of Cupri: During the Burning Crusade Timewalking event, find Cupri at coordinates [54.56, 38.53] within the city’s Terrace of Light.

Events Bringing Players to Shattrath

  • Children’s Week: This seasonal event draws players back to Shattrath, as it plays a role in various related quests.
  • The Burning Crusade Timewalking Event: Shattrath serves as a central location for activities and vendor interactions during this nostalgic event.


Shattrath City remains a significant and beneficial location for players both new and old. Whether you are participating in special events, gearing up new characters, or exploring the rich history of The Burning Crusade, Shattrath offers something for everyone. With the streamlined portal access now available, visiting this iconic city has never been easier.

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