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World of Warcraft's New Challenge: Unlocking the Earthen Allied Race in The War Within Expansion

World of Warcraft (WoW) players are eagerly exploring the possibilities within the Alpha testing phase of the new expansion, The War Within. Amidst various new features and updates, a significant revelation has been the introduction of the Earthen as an allied race, complete with a unique set of unlock requirements that extend beyond the standard leveling campaign.

Introducing the Earthen

The Earthen, set to become the 25th playable race in WoW, hold a special place in the game’s lore as the progenitors of the Dwarves. Known for their stone-like features and deep ties to the planet of Azeroth, the Earthen will be a versatile race capable of joining either the Alliance or the Horde from the outset—a trait shared only with the Pandaren and the Dracthyr before them.

Unlocking the Earthen

Unlocking the Earthen allied race promises to be a rewarding yet demanding process. Players must delve deep into the game's new content, completing a series of intricate steps that go beyond mere leveling. According to data mined from the latest Alpha build by sources like Wowhead, players are required to:

  1. Complete all leveling campaigns across the expansion's various zones.
  2. Finish three additional side quests: "Hope, An Anomaly," "Mourning Rise," and "Broken Tools." While the exact locations of the first two quests are known to be on the Isle of Dorn, details about "Broken Tools" remain elusive.
  3. Achieve 'United We Stand' at level 80, which involves completing the level 80 campaigns and the epilogue quests in each zone.

These steps illustrate Blizzard’s intention to make the process of acquiring new races more engaging and tied to the storyline of the expansion, providing a richer gameplay experience.

Racial Abilities and Significance

The Earthen are not only significant for their lore but also for their unique abilities, which allow them to channel Azerite energy effectively. They also have innate talents for gathering materials and excel in various environmental explorations, making them invaluable for the forthcoming narrative arcs in the Worldsoul Saga, including subsequent expansions like Midnight and The Last Titan.

Ongoing Development and Future Prospects

It’s important to note that since The War Within is still in its Alpha phase, the requirements to unlock the Earthen could change based on player feedback and further development insights. This phase is crucial for Blizzard to refine gameplay mechanics and ensure a balanced, enjoyable experience upon the expansion's official release in the fall.

Moreover, the discovery of potential new Allied Races during Alpha testing suggests that Blizzard has expansive plans for the future, keeping the game dynamic and continuously evolving.


Unlocking the Earthen in World of Warcraft's The War Within expansion is more than just an addition of a new race—it's a deep dive into the rich tapestry of WoW's universe. As players prepare to meet these prerequisites, they engage with the game’s lore and mechanics on a deeper level, reinforcing the immersive experience that WoW is known for. As the community anticipates the official release, it remains to be seen how the feedback from Alpha testers will shape the final form of the Earthen and their place in Azeroth.

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