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Guide to Obtaining Draenei Heritage Armor in WoW Dragonflight


The long-awaited Draenei Heritage Armor is finally available in World of Warcraft with the release of  Dragonflight Patch 10.2.7. This guide will walk you through how to start and complete the Draenei Heritage Armor questline, ensuring you can showcase your character's rich history with this stunning new transmogrification set.

Prerequisites for the Quest

Before you embark on your quest for the Draenei Heritage Armor, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Character Level: Your Draenei character must be at least level 50.
  2. Race: Only Draenei characters can access this questline, as they are an Alliance-only race.

Starting the Draenei Heritage Armor Quest

To begin the questline, head to the Embassy in Stormwind. Alternatively, you can open your Adventure Journal (default shortcut key "Shift+J") and look for the quest under the "Suggested Content" tab. The quest you're looking for is "An Artificer’s Appeal". This is your entry point into the heritage armor quests.

Completing the Draenei Heritage Armor Questline

The Draenei Heritage Armor quest involves a series of quests that delve deep into Draenei culture and history. Here's a rundown of the quests you'll need to complete:

  1. An Artificer’s Appeal
  2. Reviving Tradition
  3. Pressing Deadlines
  4. Rush Order
  5. An Old Wound
  6. Lingering Scars
  7. To See Clearly
  8. Moving Past
  9. Emergency Efforts
  10. Assessing the Enemy and Beneath the Skin
  11. Excision
  12. At the Source
  13. Pain Recedes
  14. A Burden Shared
  15. Our Path Forward

These quests are designed to take you on a journey through Draenei history and lore, and completing them will likely take at least an hour. Be prepared for multiple objectives and a bit of travel across the game world.

Rewards for Completing the Questline

Upon completing the Draenei Heritage Armor questline, you'll receive several rewards that celebrate your dedication to the Draenei cause:

  • Ensemble: Heritage of the Draenei: A full transmogrification set that visually represents the heritage of the Draenei.
  • Draenic Hologem: A unique Hearthstone toy that adds a Draenei-themed flair to your Hearthstone effect.
  • More Flightstones: Useful for quick travel within the Dragonflight expansion zones.

The centerpiece of these rewards is the Ensemble, which allows you to outfit your Draenei in their traditional armor, reflecting their noble and storied past.


Obtaining the Draenei Heritage Armor in WoW Dragonflight is not only about enhancing your character's appearance but also about reconnecting with the rich lore and history of the Draenei people. Whether you're a long-time player or new to the game, this questline offers a meaningful and rewarding experience, filled with insights into one of Azeroth's most resilient races. So gear up and get ready to dive deep into the heart of Draenei culture!

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