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World of Warcraft's War Within Alpha Reveals New Dynamic Character Select Screen

World of Warcraft enthusiasts participating in the alpha for the upcoming expansion, The War Within, have stumbled upon a delightful new feature on the Warbands character select screen. This minor yet intriguing change has sparked excitement among the community, as it suggests a more animated and engaging login experience in the future.

A Cozy Gathering at the Campfire

The introduction of Warbands in World of Warcraft: The War Within is set to transform how players engage with the game. Among the numerous alt-friendly adjustments and enhancements, one notable upgrade is the revamped character select screen. Here, players can now display four of their favorite characters together, adding a personal touch to their starting interface.

During the ongoing alpha testing, some eagle-eyed fans noticed an engaging new detail: characters now occasionally sit around a campfire on this screen. This update was first spotted by popular WoW content creators Taliesin & Evitel and MrGM, who observed their characters relaxing by the fire, confirming that this was neither a glitch nor a one-off occurrence.

Dynamic Interactions and Future Possibilities

The ability for characters to sit and possibly perform other emotes randomly introduces a lively element to the character select screen, which previously only showed static poses. The initial mock-up of this feature, presented at last year’s BlizzCon, depicted characters dynamically posed around a campfire. Although the alpha's first iteration seemed a bit subdued in comparison, the latest update brings it closer to that dynamic vision.

The possibilities for this feature are exciting:

  • Characters might randomly perform other emotes, such as dancing or laughing, enhancing the communal feel of the campfire scene.
  • Additional backgrounds could be introduced, allowing players to customize their login screen further, making each visit to the game a unique experience.

Anticipation for Warbands and Other Features

Warbands are shaping up to be one of the most anticipated features of The War Within. With hints from WoW executive producer Holly Longdale about potential new features like completing Follower Dungeons with player alts, the community is buzzing with speculation about what else might be in store.

This evolving character select screen is just one of many developments making The War Within a highly awaited expansion. As World of Warcraft continues to refine these features, players are eager to see how these enhancements will shape their gaming experience.


The War Within is poised to offer not only significant gameplay enhancements but also a richer, more immersive starting experience for players. As World of Warcraft continues to innovate and evolve, the community's anticipation only grows, highlighting the enduring appeal and dynamic nature of this iconic MMORPG.

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